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Welcome to Your order tracking page!

Here you will be able to enter a specific tracking # or choose from a list of current and past orders.

If you have any trouble or are unable to locate a your order or tracking #, just send us a email to info@wecusurveillance.com we will be glad to help you out, or just fill in the Contact form at the bottom of this page, and we will get back to you shortly!

Please note: If you are trying to track your package shortly after you have placed your order, it will not be shown until later in the day when the shipping company has picked up the order from our warehouse. You may have seen this before, it says " Your tracking # could not be located " etc... just try back a little later on in the day.

At times you may even receive your order before we can post your tracking # here, in that case.. Hurray!  However we will still make every effort to post the tracking # for your order.

If you had phoned in your order, we will create an account for you, and you will receive your account information by email, so that you may use this page for tracking your order.

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