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  2. Camera Links / Security links
  3. Counter Surveillance / GPS Tracking / Radar Detection
  4. Armored Cars / vehicles
  5. Directories
  6. Fire Prevention Links
  7. First Aid / Safety Training / Disaster Relief
  8. Home / Security in Iron
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  • Building supply / Warehouse Resources / Home Automation / Access Control
Building Supply Warehouse Resources
    Home Automation
    1. SBT Designs - Your Alternative Energy Source - Design, sales, installation and service of automatic control, accent lighting and renewable energy (solar/wind) products and systems for residential and light commercial structures
    Access Control
    1. ACCESS Control* - We provide you with home security products, access control systems, complete security systems, garage door openers, gate openers with various features to suit your many needs
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    • Camera Links / Security links
    Camera Links
    1. CCTV Image - Offering Standards, Best Practise and Advise to operators of CCTV Systems World-Wide
    2. Security Magazine - Technology Applications for End-User & Integrator Buyers
    Security Links
    1. Remagen Safe Rooms - RemagenSafeRooms offers highly qualified, above ground, in-home storm safe rooms and walk-in home safes at affordable prices
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    • Counter Surveillance / GPS Tracking / Radar Detection
    Counter Surveillance
    1. TSCM Technical Services - Electronic Espionage Detection and Prevention
    2. Technical Services Counter Measures - Artemis TSCM provides the definitive solution to your technical security and bugging problems
    3. Granite Island Group - Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
    4. Murray Associates - Corporate Eavesdropping Detection Inspections
    5. IPS – International Procurement Services Ltd. - This site is for the benefit of Government, Law enforcement and Corporate Clients only
    6. Executive World Services - Specialists in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures & Information Security
    7. Research Electronics International - Specializes in the design and manufacture of electronic countermeasure equipment. The Engineers at REI focus on developing compact products with superior performance and utility
    GPS Tracking
      Radar Detection

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      • Armored Cars / Vehicles
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      • Directories
      1. Builder - Builder is a Internet builders and contractor directory, find builders in your area
      2. - Simple instructions to do (just about) everything
      3. DIY - Do It Yourself Network
      4. North American Pay phone directory - A comprehensive directory of Pay phones in US and Canada as well as other countries
      5. Melissa Data - Helping companies optimize their contact data
      6. Public Records Locator - Now over 25,262 Free Searchable Public Record Databases!
      7. Sex offender lookup - Is your life worth 60 seconds? Criminal Background Records will help you find out who that new neighbor is down the street, they may know you, your little girl or boy...what do you know about them. Dating?
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      • Fire Prevention Links
      Fire Prevention Links
      1. EMT Certification, School, and Basic, Fire Academy Online, State Department of Health Services * - Firefighter school offering training including EMT certification, fire inspector training, and EMT-B
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      • First Aid / Safety Training / Disaster Relief
      First Aid
      1. CDC - Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
      Safety Training
        Disaster Relief

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        • Home  / Security in Iron
        1. Drive mark* - The ultimate Driveway Reflectors
        Security in Iron
        1. Mr Goodbar Security Bars* - High quality, saw-resistant security grilles. Suitable for home or commercial applications
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        • Inspection Agencies / Safety Inspection Information
        Inspection Agencies
        1. Mike Holmes Inspections will provide you with valuable knowledge about a home's major components and systems by conducting a thorough visual examination and assessment to detect defects and deficiencies so you can make a more informed decision. Home Inspections are intended to provide you with an understanding of the home's condition, as observed at the time of the inspection.
        Safety Inspection Information
        1. Home Inspections USA - Find a home inspector near you
        2. Inspection News - Everything an Inspector needs to know
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        • Locks / Windows / Doors / Lighting / Safes / Cash Registers

        $1.79 That's about how much it costs for a thief to get your key duplicated at any one of more than 30,000 hardware or 26,000 discount stores nationwide.

        1. Door & Window* - Affordable home security
        1. Able Shutters - North London based full service security shutter supplier services include design, manufacture installation, repairs and maintenance- -for windows, doors and open spaces established 1978 - delivering quality solutions to crime prevention
            Cash Registers
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              • Loss, Crime prevention / Investigation Services / Body Guard Services
              Loss, Crime prevention
              1. Child Support Network, the support collection professionals - Collect your unpaid child support! Since 1995 Child Support Network has collected millions of dollars for thousands of frustrated parents, just like you; and they don't get paid until you do!
              2. Canadian Security Magazine The most recent news in Security
              3. Calgary Crime Stoppers - $2000.00 that leads to an arrest
              4. NCMEC - The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
              5. KLAAS Kids Foundation - stopping crimes against children
              Investigation Services
              1. Higgins & Associates Investigative Services* - Oregon private investigator (private detective) license number: 998184.
              2. Ex-FBI-Agents.Com* - We are an online network of former FBI Agents providing worldwide Private Investigator, security, and consulting services.
              3. ASG Private Investigators* - Licensed and bonded investigative detectives for a variety of services
              4. Sunrise Professional Services* - PI, Process Service, Paralegal Service, Skip Tracing, Legal Photography, Judgment Recovery Service, Notary Service
              Body Guard Services
              1. Security USA* - VIP Celebrity Bodyguards Executive Security Guards Private Investigators. CCTV DVR Systems Internet Surveillance Cameras Video Monitor. Remote Monitoring Installation. Nationwide Service.
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              • Protecting Yourself
              Protecting Yourself

              1. - So you have your family protected, everything taken care of, good!. What about your next life? Got questions about your security, we got answers! --- May you be Blessed
              2.* - Olsen Safety Equipment designed this website primarily for industrial arts educators needing personal protective equipment to keep their students safe.
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              • Resources for Security Professionals / Military Surplus
              Resources for Security Professionals
              1. International Association of Chiefs of Police - Global Leadership in Policing.
              2. LBT - Specializes in load Bearing, air drop, EOD, Tactical and Medical gear for Military Forces, Law enforcement, United States Government agencies and other organizations around the world.
              3. CANASA The Canadian Security Association
              4. ASIS - ASIS International is the foremost organization advancing the security profession World Wide.
              5. GardaWorld - Guarda World is one of the most trusted investigation and security consulting firms in the World. We help organizations and individuals plan for, manage, and respond to risks
              6. INFOSYSSEC - The Security Portal for Information System Security Professionals
              7. Technical Security Consultants Inc. - a location containing links, information and articles of interest to the Security Professional.
              8. International Foundation for Protection Officers
              9. Security Management - The Security Professionals Central Web Connection
              10. OFFICER.Com - The Source for Law Enforcement
              11. PALS Enterprises - A Law Enforcement, public safety, sports gloves and clothing company
              12. Namebrands Retail LLC - Gas Masks & Surveillance Equipment - We carry wide variety of high quality Safety & Surveillance Products at low prices to keep you prepared for the emergency situations like biological or chemical attacks.
              13. SAS R&D Services - Contraband Detection Equipment
              Military Surplus
              1. Army Surplus - We carry many brand names and first quality products such as Military Tents, Military Clothing, Boots, Gas masks and field gear.
              2. Coleman's Military Surplus* - Supplying Military surplus, survival gear, hunting & camping gear.
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              • WEB Tool / Software links / Hardware Links
              Web Tools
              1. HTML Basics - A guide to HTML - HTML Goodies
              2. HTML color Codes - A guide to HTML color codes
              3. WEB CEO - An Incredible All-in-one Website tool to promote, analyze and maintain your site!
              4. Search Engine Submission* - Axandra offers web site promotion software tools for search engine submission
              5. Trace my IP - IP address Location Information
              6. Online Conversion tool - Convert just about any measurement possible
              Software Links
                Hardware Links

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                • Safety, Security Information & Products / Security Alarm links
                Safety, Security Information & Products
                1. Code 4 - Public Safety Education Association
                2. Technical Manuals Online - We are one of the largest, and most widely used website of its kind on the internet. This website was developed to assist everyone in the security & telecommunications industries. We are always committed to provide up to date, as well as obsolete technical information
                3. EYE Spy Magazine - The World's Leading Newsstand Intelligence Publication
                4. Video Surveillance Equipment, CCTV Cameras & Security Systems Guide* - A comprehensive guide to video surveillance, one that explains security cameras and security systems with your needs in mind.
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                Shopping for a home security system?

                Home security systems are becoming common features in both new and old homes alike. Whereas old home security systems could be considered 'dumb', the latest security systems offer a huge variety of features designed to protect your home and possessions.

                Home security systems today not only include standard alarms, but are also able to detect the sound of breaking glass, motion in rooms, and the opening of doors and other entry points. Nearly all home security systems are now linked to automatically call the police or other response services, as well as fire and emergency. Some home security systems even connect to the Internet, allowing you to monitor your security remotely.

                If you are researching security systems for your home, there are a variety of providers available online. Most are able to give custom quotes to fit your home security needs, as well as detail exactly what features and functions are included in their system. Keep in mind that not all security systems are created equal, so be sure to shop around for the best service, features and rates.

                Before you talk to a salesman or alarm company, you should know the basic components and be familiar with the available options you can add on...

                Here are the basics:
                • A control panel (hooked up to the telephone line if the system is to be monitored by a security company)
                • A basic keypad for controlling the system, usually has one-touch fire/police/emergency services programmed in
                • Door and window sensors
                • Decals for the windows and signs for the yard
                Here are some of the other options available:
                • Passive, infrared, photoelectric, or microwave motion detectors
                • Panic buttons
                • Glass-break detectors
                • An external siren
                • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
                • Closed Circuit Television or PC-based video surveillance
                A home security system can make a family feel safe and give peace of mind. Home security monitoring systems alert you and your family if an intruder has made their way into the house, by monitoring all access and entryways, including doors and windows.

                Home security systems can vary in complexity. Home security systems can be activated and deactivated with either a simple turn of the key or a key pad control panel. Some home security systems will detect only intrusion while other home security systems can also detect fire, burglary, and carbon monoxide presence.

                Home security systems will alert of a problem with very loud beeps and in some cases is accompanied by bright flashing lights. Once a home security system is activated it must be deactivated by entering in a code, turning the right key or more recently they can be turned off with a wireless remote for when key pad or control panel is inaccessible.

                Other features included in home security systems include quite beeping when doors or windows are opened, which can be helpful for parents with small children who may quietly slip outside unsupervised. In addition to alerting the police or security dispatchers of a problem, home security systems come with yard signs to display that will alert any would-be burglars that your home is protected by a home security system.

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