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NVR software makes video surveillance easier than ever!

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VMS or Video Management Systems are now much more advanced than their predecessor Network Video Recording software. (VMS) Video Managemnet systems are changing the way we do video surveillance in this High Tech world.

You now have more control over ever facet of your camera system and network based severs across the world.

This specialized software provides you with up-to-date security measures with cutting edge technology keeping you in control!

Our Surlytics (VMS) Video Managemnet systems are feature rich, cost effective solutions designed to help you get the most not just out of your cameras but your entire network video system, whether you have a single camera setup or a country wide network of cameras and servers. Your in control with our Surlytics (VMS) Video Management System.

The built-in Situation Analysis tools provide enterprise level capabilities with:
  • Camera position change
  • Image quality loss
  • Motion
  • Line crossing
  • Stop in area
  • Object appear or disappear in area
  • Abandoned object
  • Loitering
  • Face detection, LPR*
  • Audio level threshold and addition or removal of audio signals.
*Many but not all country plate formats supported.

Our Surlytics VMS client design provides an optimized operator experience to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of live view and search activities for one or thousands of cameras.

More than monitoring!

Our Surlytics (VMS) Video Managemnet system isn't just about monitoring, though! A VMS system gives you so much more, with search optimizations and time compressors which allow overlay of multiple motion events in the same time periods to reduce search time which optimizes efficiency and effectiveness while reducing operator fatigue. The post event analytics filters allow you to create custom analytic filters to find specific activities in recorded video files not defined in Live Situation Analysis rules such as, event search, object filter search, loitering, motion in area, line crossing and many more.
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