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NVR software makes video surveillance easier than ever!

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VMS or Video Management Systems are now much more advanced than their predecessor Network Video Recording software. (VMS) Video Managemnet systems are changing the way we do video surveillance in this High Tech world.

You now have more control over ever facet of your camera system and network based severs across the world.

This specialized software provides you with up-to-date security measures with cutting edge technology keeping you in control!

Our Surlytics (VMS) Video Managemnet systems are feature rich, cost effective solutions designed to help you get the most not just out of your cameras but your entire network video system, whether you have a single camera setup or a country wide network of cameras and servers. Your in control with our Surlytics (VMS) Video Management System.

The built-in Situation Analysis tools provide enterprise level capabilities with:
  • Camera position change
  • Image quality loss
  • Motion
  • Line crossing
  • Stop in area
  • Object appear or disappear in area
  • Abandoned object
  • Loitering
  • Face detection, LPR*
  • Audio level threshold and addition or removal of audio signals.
*Many but not all country plate formats supported.

Our Surlytics VMS client design provides an optimized operator experience to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of live view and search activities for one or thousands of cameras.

More than monitoring!

Our Surlytics (VMS) Video Management system isn't just about monitoring, though! A VMS system gives you so much more, with search optimizations and time compressors which allow overlay of multiple motion events in the same time periods to reduce search time which optimizes efficiency and effectiveness while reducing operator fatigue. The post event analytics filters allow you to create custom analytic filters to find specific activities in recorded video files not defined in Live Situation Analysis rules such as, event search, object filter search, loitering, motion in area, line crossing and many more.

Surlytics VMS installations around the Globe

    150,000 projects 2,500,000 channels deployed in over 100 countries Support for over 10,000 different camera/IP encoder models Software in development since 2003, currently on the 4th Generation with integrated Real-time and Forensic Video Analytics built-in to the Server.
Casablanca and Rabat Airports, the two largest airports in Morocco
  • Passenger flow – more than 7,000,000 per year
  • Two airports protected with united security system
  • More than 80 cameras
  • More than 14 servers
  • Face recognition system for passenger check
Moscow SVO Airport
  • Largest international airport in Russia
  • Passenger flow – more than 15,000,000 per year
  • Two terminals under protection
  • More than 200 cameras
  • Integration with access control system
Moscow DME Airport
  • Best Russian airport of 2008 by passengers survey
  • Passenger flow – more than 18,000,000 per year
  • More than 800 cameras
  • More than 65 servers
  • More than 100 remote clients
  • Integration with third parties NVRs
Vnukovo Airport
  • Third largest airport in Russia
  • Passenger flow – more than 6,800 passengers per hour
Tolmachevo Airport
  • Largest transport hub of Eastern part of Russia
Additional Russian Airports
  • Kemerovo Airport
  • Murmansk Airport
Underground depots (UK), London
  • Total number of locations – 6
  • Total number of servers – 10
  • Total number of remote clients - 14
  • Total number of cameras – 287
  • Integration modules – Honeywell NetAXS Access Control integration
  • 18 additional depots installation during year 2013
Segmuller furniture chain, Germany
  • Furniture shops and factories
  • 10 locations in South part of Germany
  • 19 servers
  • 440 video channels
  • 11 Remote clients
  • Combination of analogue and IP cameras
  • Additional scripts for system flexibility improvement
IKEA installations
    60 servers 960 video channels 384 POS terminals
IKEA Spain
  • 2 servers, 3 clients
  • 16 channels
  • 10 POS terminals
IKEA Moscow – 3 shops
  • IKEA St. Petersburg – 2 shops
  • IKEA Rostov-on-Don
  • IKEA Kuban
  • IKEA Yekaterinburg
  • IKEA Nizhniy Novgorod
  • IKEA Kazan
  • IKEA Novosibirsk
  • IKEA Omsk
Wrocław Główny, Poland
  • Servers – 13
  • Camera – 266
  • Remote Client – 11
  • 512 " Honeywell Galaxy Dimension GD-48
  • 4 " Polon 4900 Fire Alarm
  • 82 macros and scripts for full automation of system processes
Public surveillance in Lima, Peru
  • Lima is the capital and largest city of Peru.
  • Strategic points in the Puerto Libre district, Lima's largest, are covered by 42 IP surveillance cameras for public safety, with many more to be added.
  • Information from all cameras is sent to the central monitoring hub, where the entire system is managed.
Railways, Ukraine
  • Cargo trains checkpoints installation
  • Wagon numbers recognition
  • Recognized wagon number at speed 80 km/h at any weather conditions
  • 8 cameras per each checkpoint
  • Prevent loss of cargo at each checkpoint
Italian Railways, Italy
  • Total number of locations – 5
  • Total number of servers – 22
  • Total number of cameras – 372
  • Cameras brand: analogue cameras connected to servers through Stretch 6000 series capture cards
  • 416 channels for Venice Railway in 2013
Pan-American highway
  • The world's longest motorable road, connecting the U.S. and Canada with Latin America —approximately 30,000 miles.
  • Around 11,000 vehicles every day, 500 every hour and over 7 every minute.
  • More than 70 cameras.
  • Recording at nine tollbooths, supported by 8 servers, 72 point-of-sale channels, and 16 remote clients.
  • A central monitoring hub was created for system management and administration.
Sea fishing port of Saint Petersburg
  • 6 docks
  • 10 port cranes
  • Port length – 660 m
  • Refrigerator’s capacity – 3,000 tones
  • Full coverage of port territory by PTZ and fixed cameras
  • License plates and wagon numbers recognition
  • Video surveillance over customs zones
PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia III, Persero
  • A first-class provider of port services, managing up to 40 ports spread over 19 regions and 21 branches in seven provinces.
  • Surlytics VMS has been an ideal partner for harbor security and safety systems. Loading/unloading, port traffic, and other activities at scattered sites can now be monitored from a centralized location.
Sberbank, Bank of Russia
  • Northwest Branch Network
  • 300 branches, 1200 ATMs
  • ATM connections – TCP/IP and X.25
  • Video surveillance, transaction monitoring, alarm systems integration
Raiffeisen Bank, Ukraine
  • 14 branches across the country
  • Over 4 000 000 customers
  • Over 200,000 legal entities
  • Video surveillance system in every branch
  • Criminal prevention
  • Help in forensic investigations
The Lockup Self Storage
  • 37 facilities across the USA
  • Over 830 cameras
  • Video surveillance system in every branch
  • Over 1,600,0000 sq. feet of self-storage space

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