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1 CCTV PTZ camerasCCTV PTZ cameras are used when you need to control the camera and to view a larger area or need to zoom in on a specific area. CCTV PTZ cameras usually replace several fixed cameras, they are very functional and come in a few zoom options. CCTV cameras are a integral part of any CCTV Surveillance system and provide great features and functionality as well as high ROI.
2 CCTV PTZ ControllersCCTV PTZ Controllers can operate your CCTV PTZ camera from a remote location and are a seperate component from your DVR. Proprietary PTZ controllers attach directly to the CCTV DVR through a RJ45 connection on the back of the CCTV DVR, the proprietary PTZ controllers have to be located near the DVR, non-proprietary controllers can be located anywhere in the building however they will require the Data wires to be run and connected to them, but offer a bit more versatility.
3 CCTV PTZ AccessoriesCCTV PTZ Accessories consist of the mounting brackets for mounting the CCTV PTZ cameras to walls, poles and corners and if needed a RS-485 converter box when using PC based CCTV DVR with video capture cards that support CCTV PTZ cameras. CCTV PTZ cameras do not need much more than they already have as CCTV PTZ cameras have pretty much everything built in.
Pan/ Tilt/ Zoom Cameras

For zooming in on features at a distance, you will require a Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) camera. PTZ's are very versatile and usually replace 2 or more cameras in an area. Although their costs are higher than regular cameras, they serve a great purpose which will suit your needs and be a integral part of your security solution. PTZ's are good in that, you can set them up to do tours which you pre-program prior to installation. You can also tie them into sensors or set up motion detection, whereby in the event of a sensor or motion triggered, the camera will swing around to the location you have preset when the alarm or sensor is triggered and record. Further more... they are a lot of fun!

PTZ security cameras feature a motorized mount which allows the camera to be moved remotely up-down, left to right, allow you to zoom in and out and automatically focus on your target.

They have 2 wires 1 for (+ / RED) positive and 1 for (- / Black) negative which are the power wires, usually 24V although some PTZ cameras are 12V, They have 2 wires for the Data transmission to connect to the controller, these are usually 18/2 wires, and for the Video there is a Female BNC connection which connects to the video part of the cable to run back to your monitor / TV.
  • Q: While sophisticated pan and tilt drive cameras are great, how do I stop my guards from zooming in on unwanted” private areas such as the residential high-rise adjacent to our facility?
  • A: Just about all PTZ CCTV cameras are now incorporate with masking abilities that addresses the concern over privacy and the unauthorized use of cameras to view “unwanted” areas. Called " masking ", PTZ CCTV cameras can now be programmed through their internal memory to mask out up to 4 areas for viewing. Masking of areas is both flexible and user defined. Again this offers the benefit of masking only to those areas needing blanks, limits operator viewing of private areas, and protects the privacy of your neighbors.

  • Q: What does Ingress Protection or IP rating mean?
  • A: Ingress Protection is a rating system that defines the susceptibility of a device to penetration by solids (such as dust) or liquids (such as water). The rating consists of two numbers; the first is protection against solid objects on a scale of 0 to 6, while the second is protection against liquids on a scale of 0 to 8.
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