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1 CCTV NecessitiesMany Necessities for your CCTV installation can be found here, ranging from Audio pick-up boards, cable and connectors to CCTV power supplies, Twisted Pair Video Baluns and Ground Loop Isolators etc...
2 CCTV Surveillance CamerasCCTV surveillance cameras are becoming more popular and, most importantly, more accessible to the average person. They are available for your home and office needs, no matter how simple or how elaborate a setup you require. There is a CCTV surveillance camera to do the job.
3 CCTV Installation ToolsCCTV Installation Tools are required when installing CCTV surveillance systems as they do the correct job the first time. Fumbling with cables and connectors using plyers will only lead to frustration and very poor image quality if there is even a picture at all. They range from compression style connector crimpers to small service monitors so you can easily set up each camera without having to make too many trips up and down ladders.
4 CCTV (VMS) Video Management SolutionsCCTV Video Management Solutions are loaded on a PC based CCTV NVR. The Video Management Solution manages and controlls all operations of the system and cameras on the network, from intelligent Automatic Detection and Tracking , GEO fencing, Advanced Built-in Video and Audio Detection Tools, Intelligent Video Analytics and Advance Search functions. The Surlytics VMS is a feature rich and cost effective solution, offered free for up to 4 channels and in 3 paid versions
5 H.265 CCTV (NVR) Network Video RecordersH.265 CCTV (NVR) Network Recorders are the very heart of every CCTV surveillance system, they come in PC based desktop and Mini versions, Rack Mount NVR Servers/Client in 1 to 5U formats or Ruggedized mobile vibration resistant NVR's. Our H.265 Next Gen. technology based NVRs systems are our flagship powerhouse surveillance recorders saving clients money in bandwidth, storage and valuable time with our advanced Surlytics Video Management System.
6 Surveillance MonitorsSurveillance Monitors are another integral part of your surveillance system, without one you won't know what you’re looking at. Surveillance Monitors are mostly LED panel but there are smaller ones available for the installer.
7 Wireless CCTV Transmitters / ReceiversWireless Surveillance Transmitters / Receivers come in a wide range of frequencies from 900Mhz - 6.1GHz licensed and UN-Licensed bands for commercial and Government / Military uses. Wireless Surveillance Transmitters / Receivers are an excellent choice when you are not able to run cabling to the areas you wish to monitor / record. It is recommended to get a signal analysis done to make sure there are no other strong signals in the area that might interfere with the wireless part of your system.
8 MOD-BOX - Modular UPS Power Systems and EnclosuresThe MOD-Box is the most cost effective modular expandable indoor/outdoor electronics enclosure solution!
The versatility and expandability of the MOD-Box allows most outdoor projects to be accommodated by a combination of MOD-Boxes and modular accessories. The MOD-Box is uniquely able to provide a clean environment appropriate to accommodate today’s multitude of environmentally sensitive electronics.
9 Transport Security Systems
Todays modern surveillance network is digital, intelligent, effective, efficient and WECU's rugged transport IP video products are extremely proficient in this day and age of the technicological explosion of IP Video solutions.

CCTV surveillance systems used as a crime fighting and prevention tool

CCTV surveillance systems play an important role in fighting and preventing local and international crime. These closed circuit television systems were in place in London before the July 7th bombings and this footage is being used to identify suspects and investigate the attacks.

Besides fighting terrorism, CCTV security systems installed in public places or retail markets can deter crime, provide the police with leads, help citizens feel safer, and improve the economy of a crime-stricken area. Most CCTV systems have now gone digital for improved performance, surveillance camera manoeuvrability, and quicker feedback as compared to analog systems.

Implementing CCTV systems

Law enforcement or security professionals best support CCTV systems. These teams of professionals need to monitor the CCTV video evidence on a timely basis and they need to be properly trained in order to interpret suspicious behavior caught on the system. When all of these factors are in place, then the CCTV security system will be effective for keeping citizens and shoppers safe.

In the case of some municipalities or businesses not being able to afford all of the necessary components of a CCTV system, many CCTV providers can recommend a scalable approach so that priority security needs may be addressed first. Then, additional surveillance cameras can be purchased in succeeding years as the budget allows.

Digital CCTV systems and surveillance cameras

A modern digital CCTV security system consists of hardware and software components that collect and transmit vital surveillance camera information over fiber optic lines to control rooms staffed by security professionals and equipped with digital CCTV monitors. DVRs are capable of saving CCTV data to a PC for up to ten weeks of recording and some even feature motion detection technology, which means that the footage is only recorded when motion triggers the DVR system.

Digital surveillance cameras range in type from compact, fixed cameras to direction-controlled models that can see in the dark under various lighting conditions. CCTV decision-makers need to know what kind of job each surveillance camera must fulfill. Will it watch the flow of passer-by’s (fixed cameras) or will it need to monitor a crime-targeted area (dome cameras with PTZ functions)? These video security managers also need to consider weatherproofing their surveillance cameras if the cameras are mounted in an especially hot or cold climate, or if the viewing fields could be obscured by dirt or dust.

What kind of crimes do CCTV systems prevent?

Evidence has shown that CCTV systems mostly deter property crimes and robberies, but not more violent crimes such as rape and aggravated assault. CCTV systems may not catch these crimes because they may occur away from the surveillance cameras in more deserted areas. Fortunately in most situations, when a CCTV system is in place, criminals generally shy away from these monitored areas fearing prosecution since these recorded images can be used in court. As noted previously, in order for a CCTV system to be effective, the electronic system must be used in conjunction with human know-how and skills and it should be carefully integrated into existing security plans.

CCTV: Looking ahead

In the last few years, digital CCTV systems have evolved into several classes of systems including wireless CCTV systems that employ GSM (global system for mobile communication) or 3G (third generation) connections. These wireless systems are completely portable and can deliver live images to a PC, an Internet phone, or a laptop. The cameras are tiny, but include many of the sophisticated features of full size digital CCTV cameras. CCTV customers are also seeking IP-based solutions with LAN/WAN delivery options despite some lags in the technology's image quality and frame rate.

"Make no mistake about it, the future is wireless," says Thomas M. Wade, president of Samsung CCTV. "We'll be pushing crime-related images to police cars in the future. Imagine an abduction or robbery in which the responding units are seeing the video and the suspects as they are rolling to the scene. It's all possible and it is the general direction of the industry." There is also talk of linking CCTV cameras together to form a worldwide network to prevent terrorism, but this international surveillance system would cost billions of dollars and would require extensive international cooperation.

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