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Surlytics VMS (Video Management System)

Surlytics VMS (Video Management System)

Surlytics VMS (Video Management System)
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Surlytics VMS is a robust and feature rich Video Management Solution. Hundreds of features are compressed into a user friendly interface making Surlytics VMS suitable for the majority of projects. Four levels of licensing, plus a 60 days demo enable cost effective entry into utilizing this robust platform

Quick Specifications
  • 4 licensing options startng at 4 channels free
  • Built-in server based Situational Analytics
  • 10,000+ IP devices supported
  • Unlimited channels supported
  • Unlimited local or Network Atached Storage (NAS)
  • H.265 Support to reduced bandwidth and storage requirements significantly reducing storage costs
  • Server optmized streaming (TCP, UDP and Multicast) plus transcoding to reduce resolution and framerate
  • Support resolutons from 0.002MP to 20MP (30fps)
  • Remote Access from PC Client, Web Browser, iPhone and Android applications
The Surlytics VMS client design provides an optimized operator experience to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of live view and search activities for one or thousands of cameras.

Live optmizations:

Situation Analytics with Programmable system triggers
  • Play audio file
  • Pop-up video
  • SMS or email
  • Trigger Relay
  • Execute external program
  • Etc.
Tag & Track
  • PTZ cameras track manually selected target or auto track all moving targets
Auto Zoom
  • Automatic digital zoom to draw atention to cameras with motion and enhance recogniton of activity
  • Manual Analog and Digital Zoom
  • Hot-Keys
  • Interactive 3D-Maps
  • Videowall, multiple layouts
  • Fisheye and Panorama camera support
  • Instant single camera and multi-camera playback
Search optimizations:
  • Time compressor
  • Overlay multiple motion events in same time period to reduce search time.
  • Post event analytics filters. Create custom analytic filters to find specific activities in recorded video files not defined in Live Situation Analysis rules
  • Event Search
  • Line Crossing
  • Motion in area
  • Loitering
  • Multiple Objects
  • Move from Area to Area
  • Thumbnail Search
  • Comment Search
  • Search by title
  • LPR* and facial search
  • Color filter
  • Object type filter
*Many but not all country plate formats supported.
Surlytics Software License Types

Click here for the Surlyics Feature Sheet
Click here for the Surlytics Data Sheet


User Friend​ly Interface
    Easy to navigate, configure and control User Interface with onscreen alerts and Camera Autozoom for optimal viewing.
Advanced Built-in Video and Audio Detection Tools
    Run one or more analytics per camera. Detection tools include: Camera position change, Image quality loss, Motion, Line crossing, Stop in area, Object appear or disappear in area, Abandoned object, Loitering, Face detection, Audio level threshold, and addition or removal of audio signal.
Advanced Event Trigger Rules
    All detected events can trigger one or more system actions with dynamic rule configurations optimizing system and operator efficiency and effectiveness.
Advance Search functions on Recorded Video
    Configurable post event search filter: Line crossing, Motion in Area, Loitering, Multiple Objects, Move from Area to Area, Thumbnail search, Comments Search, Title search, Face Search.
Simple Export of Video and Images
    Surlytics enables exporting of images and video from the Live view layout so operators can continue monitoring. Add comments to exported images and videos, export in multiple formats: PDF, JPEG, AVI, MKV, EXE. Digital Hash watermarks are automatically embedded in exported video fragments and images for verifying authenticity in evidence cases.
Interactive 3D Map
    Multi-layer Raster or OpenStreetMap 3D map with embedded camera and map layer linkage icons.
Video Wall
    Multi-monitor video wall control on local and remote network connected work stations. Intel Quick Sync Video support enables dozens of HD resolution cameras per monitor and up to 12 monitors per Video Wall Server.
Server Failover
    Hot standby server configuration prevents surveillance system downtime in the event of maintenance, network outage or server failure.
Client Multi-domain Access
    Multi-Domain monitoring enables the client software to interact with and control multiple independent video surveillance systems across the LAN, WAN or WLAN.
IP Devices Support
    Surlytics VMS support over 6000 IP video devices, including 1,500 proprietary protocol network devices and 4,500 ONVIF devices.
Remote Monitoring
    Surlytics VMS supports Live and playback Remote client, Web browser, iPhone, Android apps.
Input and Output bandwidth optimization
    Surlytics VMS supports receiving multiple video streams from each camera in TCP and UDP. Surlytics VMS can transmits the native camera settings over TCP, UDP or Multicast or transcode each video stream to a lower resolution and frame rate based on the remote devices connection speed and screen layout.
Tag &Track
    Tag &Track enables an operator to Tag (select) an object in one camera FOV (Field of View) have the system automatically drive one or more PTZ cameras to follow the object. When the object leaves the FOV Surlytics VMS will predict and bring up cameras where the target is expected to appear.
Network storage
    Surlytics VMS supports video storage on NAS (Network Attached Storage) HDD eliminating any barrier for capacity.
Multiple Archives
    Multiple archives can be created with cameras individually assigned to each archive or different archives can be used for different types of recording. One archive recording at lower frame rate and another specifically dedicated to “alarm” archive recording. With the Surlytics VMS Network Storage capabilities instantaneous offsite recording on alarm can be realized.
    Replication of video, audio and metadata data is automatically synced between the main video archive/s and other user-specified storage locations, including NAS. Surlytics VMS meets the Connection Lost challenge!
Profile G
    Surlytics VMS support ONVIF Profile G video devices to automatically sync the Server storage with the Edge storage after a network interruption.
USB Joystick
    PTZ control with a range of USB Joysticks simplifies operator control in fixed and mobile applications.
Disk Optimization
    Surlytics VMS optimizes disk utilization by writing video data in sequence and in one direction. These increases read/write speeds, increases disk life and eliminates the problem of disk fragmentation.
    User Roles are defined to control user access to: Cameras, PTZ control and Priority, Layouts, Maps, Archives, Web Server, Comments, System Logs, Domain Management, Exporting of images and video, etc.
H.265 support
    Surlytics VMS supports WECU Surveillance's 30+ H.265 Mega-pixel IP Cameras reducing storage requirements by 30-50%.
Fisheye and Panorama Camera Support
    Surlytics VMS supports Virtual Pan Tilt and Zoom of Fisheye (360°) and Panorama (180°) cameras.
Mass Camera Configuration
    All cameras of the same type can be configured with a single click.
    Macros allow specifying a series of actions (including IF... THEN conditions) for reacting to events or even combinations of events. With macros, users can automate routine work and fully customize security systems based on site needs.
Third party events
    Surlytics VMS includes a range of new features for getting events from various external devices and systems: cash registers, access control devices, third-party software, and more.
    Surlytics VMS can be integrated into site LDAP directories. Surlytics VMS rights can be assigned through LDAP directory groups.

    Software, Surlytics VMS Level 1 Camera License. Allows - capture, display, record, transmit and playback one video channel from a camera or IP device. Limited to 64 channels per server.
    Software, Surlytics VMS Level 1 Device License. Software module allowing a single device (POS, I/O board, etc.) to be connected.
    Software, Surlytics VMS Level 2 Camera License. Allows capture, display, record, transmit and playback one video channel from a camera or IP device plus Time compressor Search, optional Intelligent Forensic Search Add-on. Unlimited channels per server.
    Software, Surlytics VMS Level 2 Intelligent Forensic Search Add-on (per channel). Intelligent Forensic Search Camera Add-on License Allows Surlytics Level 2 to use a system of intelligent forensic search, LPR search, face search through video recordings in the archive. Item include Tag & Track module - functions for tracking of moving objects.
    Software, Surlytics VMS Level 2 Device License. Software module allowing a single device (POS, I/O board, etc.) to be connected.
    Software, Surlytics VMS Level 3 Camera License. Allows capture, display, record, transmit and playback one video channel from a camera or IP device plus Multi-camera LPR and Face search, Edge Storage Replication, Cross-System client, Server Failover, Remote Video Wall control, LDAP service. Unlimited channels per server.
    Software, Surlytics VMS Level 3 Device License. Software module allowing a single device (POS, I/O board, etc.) to be connected.

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