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H.264 IP Audio/Video Encoder in 1, 4, 8 and 16 ch configurations with SD, MicroSD or SATA HDD and WD1, 4CIF, 2CIF, CIF resolution settings, 30 fps

H.264 IP Audio/Video Encoder in 1, 4, 8 and 16 ch configurations with SD, MicroSD or SATA HDD and WD1, 4CIF, 2CIF, CIF resolution settings, 30 fps

H.264 IP Audio/Video Encoder in 1, 4, 8 and 16 ch configurations with SD, MicroSD or SATA HDD and WD1, 4CIF, 2CIF, CIF resolution settings, 30 fps
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1, 4, 8 and 16 ch, with SD, MicroSD or SATA HDD H.264 IP Audio/Video Encoder, WD1, 4CIF, 2CIF, CIF resolution settings, 30 fps

The NOVO Series H.264 IP Encoders deliver the highest quality of H.264 video possible. With low latency and excellent bandwidth usage these 1, 4, 8 and 16 channel H.264 IP encoders give a powerful punch to any high demanding IP network, Now ONVIF Compliant allowing you the ability to add them to your already existing network!

Experience the Power of H.264
You don't have to settle for standard MPEG-4 any longer!

Industry leading H.264 Compression Codec


  • The The 13 NOVO Series models, 1, 4, 8 and 16 channels, with SD, MicroSD or SATA HDD share the same base software as our embedded DVR devices
  • All WECU Surveillance systems support industry leading H.264 compression
  • Reliable and Robust Embedded RTOS (Real-time Operating System) firmware. Hardware MTBF 50,000 hours
  • Each channel can record between 1/16th – 30 (NTSC) frames per second per channel
  • All WECU Surveillnace encoding and recording systems (over 100) share a common PC-Based remote client software enabling unlimited expandability, with easy to learn and use Hybrid DVR/NVR Server Software
  • The NOVO Series supports multiple record modes with the remote DVR/NVR software including: schedule recording, manual recording, motion detection recording, external alarm recording, motion & alarm recording and motion or alarm recording
  • The NOVO Series supports over 50 different PTZ Camera protocols
  • The NOVO Series supports control via several methods. Users can control and configure the unit via the built-in web server via Internet explorer or the via the CONCERT remote client software
  • Designed for the video professional, the NOVO is unlike any other H.264 encoder on the market. Allowing modification of the compression codec itself by the end user, the NOVO can be configured to stream quality video within bandwidth limitations as low as 32kbps


NOVO Series models, 1, 4, 8 and 16 channels, with SD, MicroSD or SATA HDD Specifications

NOVO Mini with SD card

Application possibilities

The NOVO Series IP Encoder are a highend solution to any New or Existing CCTV security surveillance systems. The NOVO Series can also be used by themselves in a standalone analog to IP encoding solution.

Retail applicationEncoding of a single analog video in a network video system: A digital surveillance system with the NOVO Series IP Encoder can display network video on a public display TV or other analog monitors, i.e. in a retail shop.

Control RoomConnecting two analog systems over a LAN/WAN: Organizations that operate in multiple buildings can reduce the cost for security by integrating a remote analog system with another analog system at the main location.

City Surveillance System Surveillance systems: Most city centers, which have a good networking infrastructure, can easily expand the existing analog system by cost-effectively connecting devices through a wide area network with the use of the NOVO Series IP Encoders and IP Decoders. Existing analog cameras with features such as day/night, PTZ functionality can still be utilized in such a system.

Our NOVO Series IP Encoder supports both constant bit rate and variable bit rate. Variable bit rate is the default setting and is recommended as it gives control over image quality. This also makes it difficult to predict what the bandwidth consumption will be. Apart from the image resolution and compression, the bandwidth also depends on the H.264 settings, the image complexity, the amount of motion in the monitored scene, but uses much less bandwidth than our competitors.

When bandwidth needs to be controlled, constant bit rate can be used. The user can then give priority to either the frame rate or the image quality when there is increased motion. Another way to control and reduce bandwidth consumption is to fix the frame rate.

H.264 implementation enables a wide range of flexible settings for adapting to different application requirements. The system can be optimized for quality, bandwidth, and network infrastructure.

Our NOVO Series IP Encoders integrates new or existing analog cameras into a IP video surveillance infrastructure allowing IP integration into such an environment takes no more than connecting and configuring the NOVO Series IP Encoder on your system as you would a standard IP or network device. NOW ONVIF Compliant!

Quick Q & A

  • Q. I can't control my PTZ, what do I do?
  • A. It is possible that the camera and equipment are not connected through the RS485 port, the incorrect wiring sequence or the wrong configuration within the encoder / decoder / software. Check that you have the correct (+) and (-) connections on your RS485 (data) terminals and that you have setup the NOVO Mini H.264 IP encoder with the correct PTZ address and Protocol.

  • Q. Certain individual channels pictures are not normal?
  • A. Please make sure the video cables are correctly and securely connected to the NOVO encoder

  • Q. I cannot upgrade even though I have the new file?
  • A. There was a failure of the network an IP address error in the FTP host computer, the FTP service has not been booted by the PC, the path to the upgrade is incorrect or there is no permission (usually happens when upgrading through client-end.)

  • Q. I cannot connect to my NOVO?
  • A. Since everyone’s networks and settings are set up differently we will go through a few scenarios and while it is highly irregular for you not to be able to connect, firstly you should notice in the bottom right hand corner of your tool bar the small 2 computer ICON that shows internet connection when you have a cable plugged into the internet port, when you disconnect the cable it should say “There is a Internet Cable unplugged”, if you can see this small connection icon then your PC / Laptop is connected properly and communicating with the NOVO.
  • Click here for the NOVO / VSC Connections tutorial.

  • Q. What is the difference between a Cross over cable and a Patch cable?
  • A. An Ethernet crossover cable is a type of Ethernet cable used to connect computing devices together directly where they would normally be connected via a network switch, hub or router. For example, one would use a crossover cable to directly connect two personal computers via their network adapters. A Patch cable is what you use to connect a computing device to a network switch, hub or router. Example, connecting your PC to the internet via the hub, switch or router.

  • Q. I need to access my PTZ / Zoom cameras OSD - one screen display, how can I do that through the NOVO Mini H.264 Ip Encoder?
  • A. Access the NOVO Mini H.264 IP Encoder through the Concert Client Software, go to the "PTZ" tab, enter PTZ OSD in the name field in the Preset Setup section, enter 64 in the Preset field, click SET. Now highlight the PTZ OSD in the Preset Name column, click CALL once. This will bring up the OSD of the PTZ move through the OSD with the Up, Down, arrow buttons under the video window, to select a setting and then use the Left and Right arrow buttons to enter and exit the settings. (Note: Your PTZ / Zoom camera may have an alternate CALL prefetch number to enter the OSD, enter the specific CALL prefetch # for your particular PTZ in this field)

  • Q. Is the NOVO series capable of broadcast quality at 1080i?
  • A. No, 704 x 480 is the highest NTSC video you can do above that you need a mega pixel imager, however 480i will work, to give you an example please click this link to download a 4CIF (704x480) resolution 30fps video clip.

  • Q. What is the Audio output in Khz?
  • A. Audio is 16KHz in all our h.264 devices

  • Q. Is the NOVO Mini capable of stereo audio transmission?
  • A. No, each channel is MONO and synced with the video, if you ran two channels it would be stereo, but no guarantee they would be synced, and do not recommend it.

  • Q. When viewing my NOVO Mini H.264 single channel IP encoder remotely, the image is a little washed out, as if the image has been over amplified/powered. Is there any setting to adjust that?
  • A. The washed out situation can be the color settings. When you access the NOVO Mini H.264 single channel IP encoder through IE, the color settings are on the bottom right hand side, once these are adjusted they stay permanent until you change them again. This also sounds like a bandwidth issue, the more motion requires more kbps. The limiting factor will always be the bandwidth not the NOVO Mini H.264 single channel IP encoder.

  • Q. When viewing the NOVO Mini H.264 single channel IP encoder and VSC Series H.264 IP Decoder, I notice there is some video correction happening during fast motion and when someone is talking. It's pretty noticeable and rather distracting. It's as if the persons hand moves in a slower-than-normal pace (like a mild form of slow motion), and their lips/mouth don't always keep up with their words. I know the audio is sync'd with video and the video is not in slow motion. Is there some settings that will help eliminate or reduce what is happening here?
  • A. What you are seeing is issues with bandwidth. Please lower the kbps, fps in the NOVO Mini H.264 IP Encoder. We ask that you do a speed test of the network where the encoder is at to determine the max upload speed, and adjust accordingly. You can do this by going here:

  • Q. What is the max # of people that can access the NOVO Mini H.264 IP encoder at a single time?
  • A. The NOVO Mini H.264 IP encoder can accommodate 16 users but a max of 6 users per channel can be accessed at one time and a max of 24MB output total.

  • 3-4week lead time required on this item
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