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Medius NVR Convertible Tower or Rack Mount Server

Medius NVR Convertible Tower or Rack Mount Server

Medius NVR Convertible Tower or Rack Mount Server
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Experience the Power of H.265

Product Overview

WECU offers an extensive line of PC based (NVR) Network Video Recorders. The Medius Series is the flag ship and available in a Tower or Rack/Pedestal chassis. Designed with mission critical applications in mind, Each Medius will come preconfigured with our Powerful Video Managment Software, Surlytics, with 1 of 4 licensing options. Surlytics supports 6000+ IP devices including 1,500 proprietary protocol network devices and 4,500 ONVIF devices and an unlimited number of video channels are supported whether in the same building or anywhere in the world allowing you to connect hundreds of thousands of cameras.

All of our equipment with its functionalities, its operability, its interoperability and Standardizations are revolutionary! Well thought out by a team of incredible future thinkers!

Medius Rack

WECU Surveillances New Medius NVR Series provides a consistent yet scalable line of servers suitable for projects that range from light commercial to large enterprise. The Medius NVR Series is a highly scalable, easily maintainable robust line of NVR recording and/or video analytics processing systems with reasonable pricing.

The Medius NVR Series ultra-flexible design is offered in 20 models assembled from 4 chassis and 5 CPUs variations. Each model has expandable RAM options and can support a range of monitor outputs for local display as needed. Storage capacities range from 4TB to 192TB in JBOD and several RAID configurations.

One or more Medius Series NVRs will satisfy all the needs of a client in the way of storage and processing power for a range of applications. The Medius NVR Series is perfectly suitable for video recording and/or high processor load video analytic processing. The Medius NVR Series is available in 1U-4 x Hot-Swap HDD, 2U-8 x Hot-Swap HDD, 3U-16 x Hot-Swap HDD, 4U-24 x Hot-Swap HDD chassis with 5 CPU options with benchmarks from 9,800 to over 22,000.
  • Hot-Swap Storage
    All MEDUIS Series NVRs provide hot-swap drive bays to quick and easy maintenance in the event of HDD failure or desire to upgrade and increase Capacity.
  • Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID)
    All MEDUIS Series NVRs offer JBOB and RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 data protection on the storage HDD. RAID 0, 1, 10 (1E), 3, 5, 6, 30, 50, 60 is available in the 2U, 3U, 4U chassis.
  • Redundant Operating System
    All MEDUIS Series NVRs implement dual RAID 1 (Mirrored) Solid State Disks (SSD) for the operating system and application drives.
  • Redundant Power Supply
    All MEDUIS Series NVRs offer single and optional dual redundant power supplies.
  • Graphics Output
    All MEDUIS Series NVRs offer a minimum of 1 x 1080p video output. A maximum of 4 x 4K monitor outputs are supported in the 3U/4U or up to 8 x 1080p in the 3U/4U chassis with appropriate CPU to support the number of channels to be displayed.
  • Multiple CPUs
    All MEDUIS Series NVRs offer multiple CPU options to facilitate a range of data rates.
  • Expandable RAM Capacity
    All MEDUIS Series NVRs support up to 64GB of RAM expandable in 16GB blocks.
  • Standardized Programming
    All MEDUIS Series NVRs utilizes the same major components and software in all chassis to simplify training and reduce spares.

Medius Client

All MEDIUS Servers can be simultaneously run as single or multi-monitor MEDIUS Client systems utilizing WECU Surveillance’s Surlytics software. This system capability reduces equipment costs and configuration complexity when appropriate (See MEDIUS Servers data sheets for specifications).

MEDIUS Clients systems are available in multiple forms factors including: Compact (NUC), Small tower, Large tower and Rack mount. The range of MEDIUS Clients systems , support from 2 to 12 monitors. Surlytics Level 3 software enables remote video wall control of an unlimited number of MEDIUS Clients systems facilitating the implementation of large scale Video Wall systems and/or spot monitor capabilities.
  • Standardized Programming
    WECU Surveillance’s MEDIUS Client systems can interface with all MEDIUS Servers running Surlytics VMS (Video Management Software). All Servers and Client systems share the same multi-monitor user interface.
  • Multiple Monitors
    WECU Surveillance’s range of MEDIUS Client systems support from 2 to 12 monitors Multiple MEDIUS Client systems can be remotely controlled as Video Wall system with the Surlytics VMS software from one or more client systems.
  • Layouts
    The Surlytics VMS software supports user named and defined layout configurations in traditional grid patterns as well as custom window size and shape patterns with Maps, Video, Web browser, Status(Health), Statistics, Dialog and Event boards.
  • Full Resolution Display
    All MEDIUS Client systems support a minimum of 1080P monitor outputs; several system configurations support multiple 4k monitor outputs.
  • Full Motion Display
    All MEDIUS Client systems support displaying source video at its native frame rate between 1/16th - 30 frames per second.
  • Data Stream Adjustment
    The Surlytics VMS software can automatically or manually switch between different available network streams to manage network or bandwidth limitations. If additional video stream transcoding is required for limited or mobile networks the Surlytics Server can adjust the video stream frame rate, resolution and compression.

MEDIUS Client systems running Surlytics software connected to one or more MEDIUS Servers over a LAN or WANc an configure and name layouts. Layouts once created can be opened on one or more monitors on local or remote monitors driven by MEDIUS Client systems running Surlytics software.
Common components, Common software, Dynamic options resulting in easily expandable, easy to learn and use NVR Server Solution.

  • Industry Leading Next Generation H.265 Compression Technology!
  • Common Software from 1 to unlimited channels results in Easy to Use and Train
  • Surlytics VMS supports receiving multiple video streams from each camera in TCP and UDP. Surlytics VMS can transmits the native camera settings over TCP, UDP or Multicast or transcode each video stream to a lower resolution and frame rate based on the remote devices connection speed and screen layout
  • Surlytics VMS supports Live and playback Remote client, Web browser, iPhone, Android apps.
  • Surlytics use of Macros allows specifying a series of actions (including IF... THEN conditions) for reacting to events or even combinations of events. With macros, users can automate routine work and fully customize security systems based on site needs.
Unmatched Reliability
  • For the Medius Series of DVR, we only use the highest quality and performance hardware available. This is what gives the Medius its unequaled reliability for year-in/year-out mission critical operation
Highest Quality Images:
  • Utilizing the newest H.265 compression codec allows the Medius Series to provide higher quality video than H.264, higher compression and lower bit rates. H.265 presented a bit reduction of 52% at 480p and 64% at 4K UHD when compared to H.264. Besides this outstanding bit reduction, when compared to H.264, HEVC/H.265 delivers a significantly better visual quality, when compressed to the same file size or bitrate and all while using 40% to 65% less Hard Disk space!
Surlytics Software Video Mangement System:
  • Based on our powerful Surlytics Software Platform makes it an excellent stand-alone machine or an integral part of a larger solution
Our Surlytics software platform is a powerful integration suite. Surlytics is a scalable software solution capable of monitoring and controlling a wide range of applications from small business to global systems. The Surlytics Software platform offers modular add-on capability allowing customized to suit the clients exact requirements.

    Interoperability allows many individual systems to be tied into a larger software and/or hardware monitoring and management and control platforms.
    Through interoperability WECU Surveillance can literally position a camera, sensor, alarm input, control device, etc in any location around the world and tie it back to our standardized software solution for user monitoring and control.
    An example of the value standardization can bring is Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows enables hundreds of millions of people to sit at almost any computer anywhere in the world and within seconds be effective and productive in the task they need to perform. In the same way, WECU Surveillance standardization in hardware and software enables all trained operations and maintenance staff to be effective very quickly at any WECU Surveillance system.
  1. WECU Surveillance principles of interoperability and standardization are linked back to the core hardware and software components.
  2. WECU Surveillance video hardware is all based on a common technology. That technology, H.264, is as detailed earlier in this document provides the best video quality, at the lowest bitrate and smallest file size.
  3. WECU Surveillance has designed and built a single software core utilized to tie all video systems together for simple and consistent user operation.
  4. WECU Surveillance principles of standardization and interoperability will consistently be used in future solution designs used to solve the client’s needs, desires and imaginations.

WECU is the difference quality and service make!

Contact us today to see what our award winning solutions can do for you!

Our systems are custom made.
A 1-4 week lead time is required and is dependent on components in stock at time of order.
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