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Medius Hybrid DVR/NVR Convertible Tower or Rack Mount Server, CIF-4CIF Res w/ Sync. Audio PLUS 32 IP Video

Medius Hybrid DVR/NVR Convertible Tower or Rack Mount Server, CIF-4CIF Res w/ Sync. Audio PLUS 32 IP Video

Medius Hybrid DVR/NVR Convertible Tower or Rack Mount Server, CIF-4CIF Res w/ Sync. Audio PLUS 32 IP Video
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Experience the Power of H.264
You don't have to settle for standard MPEG-4 any longer!

Industry leading H.264 Compression Codec

  • Click here for the Medius Hybrid DVR/NVR Convertible Tower or Rack Mount Server Brochure

  • Product Overview

    WECU offers an extensive line of PC based Digital Video and Network Video Hybrid recorders (more than 35 models). The Medius Series is available in a Tower or Rack/Pedestal chassis. Each Medius series server supports up to 64 channels of full motion video recording with perfectly synchronized audio.

    Designed with mission critical applications in mind, video data can be optionally synchronized to operational events to within .0001 sec. Medius supports analog and IP video enabling video sources to be in the same building or anywhere in the world. When 64 cameras are not enough simply add more recorders and seamlessly connect to dozens, hundreds or thousands of cameras with our CONCERT Client software.

    Revolutionary Capabilities
    • 1 to 64 Audio/Video Channels, comprising of 4 to 64 analog audio/video channels and/or up to 32 IP channels – A True Hybrid DVR / NVR solution
    • From QCIF to 4CIF Analog Video Resolution
    • From QCIF to 1600x1200 pixel IP Video
    • 1/16th to 30 frames per second recording (up to 1920fps in 64 Ch systems)
    • The MEDUIS Series supports over 18 different PTZ Camera protocols
    • POS Interface with several POS systems and Access Control systems
    • Operators and administrators can be notified of events through E-mail/SMS on alarm, E-mail with attached images, play audio files, pop-up video on alarm (local or remote), trigger external relays connected to any device (lights, sirens, etc).
    • Optional Redundant hot-swap power supplies
    • Optional JBOD or RAID 5, up to 8,000 GB internal video data storage
    • Virtually unlimited external video data storage
    • Video Matrix Analog wall supported up to 20 monitors

    Common components, Common software, Dynamic options resulting in easily expandable, easy to learn and use Hybrid DVR/NVR Server Solution

    • Industry Leading Next Generation H.264 Compression Technology!
    • Common Software from 1 to 64 channels results in Easy to Use and Train
    • CIF to 1.9 Mega-Pixel Resolutions
    • 1/16th to 30 Frames Per Second recording rates
    • Live Local viewing at full motion no compression
    • Built-In Web Viewer for Remote Access via Internet Explorer
    • Dual Streaming for Limited network connections
    • Remote viewing via PDA
    • Concert NVR Remote Client Software included FREE of charge with unlimited installations

    Functions Include
    • 64 channels display and recording
    • Video Matrix Analog wall supported up to 20 monitors
    • PTZ control
    • Two-Way Audio
    • Remote Search, Smart Search, Synchronized playback, download and burn from over 100 of our H.264 models
    • Scheduled or manual recording on all channels

    H.264 Eliminates Mosaic and Blur

    Click here for the H.264 white paper.

    Unmatched Reliability
  • For the Medius Series of DVR, we have used only the highest performance hardware available. This is what gives the Medius its unequaled reliability for year-in/year-out operation

  • Highest Quality Images
  • Utilizing the newest H.264 compression codec allows the Medius Series to provide higher quality video than MPEG-4/2, at a lower bit rate, and all while using 40% to 65% less Hard Disk space

  • Concert Hybrid Software
  • Based on our powerful Concert Hybrid Software Platform makes it an excellent stand-alone machine or an integral part of a larger solution

  • Our Concert software platform is a powerful integration suite. Concert is a scalable software solution capable of monitoring and controlling a wide range of applications from small business to global systems. The Concert Software platform offers modular add-on capability allowing customized to suit the client's exact requirements.

  • Click here for more information on our Concert Hybrid Software
  • Click here for more information on our Concert Client NVR Software

  • H.264 DVR / NVR Hybrid Specifications

  • Video Input: 1 - 64 channels BNC (2.0Vp-p, 1K) and up to 32 channels IP, for total combination of 64 channels per server - H.264 DVR/NVR Hybrid or H.264 NVR server
  • Video Compression: H.264
  • Compression Resolution
      IP Video
      • UXGA: 1600 x 1200 (1/16th ~ 5fps)
      • HD720p: 1280 x 720 (16:9 format) – (1/16th ~ 15fps)
      • SVGA: 800 x 600 (1/16th ~ 30fps)
      • VGA: 640 x 480 (1/16th ~ 30fps)
      IP (1/16th ~ 30fps) and Analog (1 ~ 30fps)
      • NTSC: 704*480(4CIF) | PAL: 704*576(4CIF)
      • NTSC: 528*320(DCIF) | PAL: 528*384(DCIF)
      • NTSC: 704*240(2CIF) | PAL: 704*288(2CIF)
      • NTSC: 352*240(CIF) | PAL: 352*288(CIF)
      • NTSC: 176*120(QCIF) | PAL: 176*144(QCIF)
  • Analog Video/Audio inputs: 4, 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64 channels BNC (1.0Vp-p, 75)
  • IP Video/Audio inputs: 1 ~ 32 IP video inputs
  • Frame Rate:
    • Analog Video PAL: 1~25 FPS; NTSC: 1~30 FPS
    • IP Video PAL: 1/16th~25 FPS; NTSC:1/16th~30 FPS
  • Stream type: Video stream or Video & Audio stream
  • Bit rate: 32kbps ~ 2Mbps (Self definition)
  • Audio input: 8, 16, 24, 32 channels BNC (2.0Vp-p, 1K)
  • Audio output: 1 channel 1/8 inch jack
  • Audio compression: OggVorbis, 16kbps
  • Communication interface: 1 RJ45 10M/100M UTP network port
  • SCSI and iSCSI are supported
  • External Com port: 1 RS-232 COM port
  • External alarm input: Optional
  • Relay output: Optional
  • Operating System: Default 80GB, Optional 2 x 80GB Configured in RAID 1 (Mirrored)
  • Internal Storage: 8 HDD (1000GB each) 8,000GB, RAID 5 RAW
  • CD/DVD: 1 DVD-RW
  • Power supply: 460W, Optional 600W redundant 110~220VAC 50~60Hz
  • Working temperature: 5C ~ +50C | 40F ~ 122F
  • Working humidity: 10% ~ 90%
  • Size: 596mm x 422mm x 223mm | 23.5" x 16.6" x 8.75"
  • Weight: 34Kg | 75bs (Without HDD)

  • Product Options

  • Analog Video Decoding, up to 20 monitor outputs
  • Audio Inputs, up to 64
  • Operation System Redundancy, RAID 0 (Commercial Tower and Professional Pedestal/Rack mount)
  • Power Supply, Hot-swap Redundant (Commercial Tower and Professional Pedestal/Rack mount)
  • PTZ control
  • RS-232 Com Ports
  • Sensor input / Relay output, up to 32 in / 32 out
  • Video Data Storage Capacity, up to 16,000 GB (16TB)
  • Video Data Storage Redundancy, RAID 5 (Commercial Tower and Professional Pedestal/Rack mount)

  • Quick Q & A

  • Q: What are the differences between CIF, 2CIF, 4CIF, QCIF, DCIF & D1 resolution?
  • A: Resolution and bit rate:

  • Resolution:
    • CIF – 352 x 240 pixels
    • 2CIF – 704 x 240 pixels
    • 4CIF – 704 x 480 pixels – has the best resolution
    • QCIF - 1076 x 120 pixels – Is almost never used
    • DCIF – 528 x 320 pixels
      • 2CIF and DCIF have the same # of pixels but the DCIF has a better aspect ratio (3x4)
    • D1 - 720 x 480 pixels - Is basically the same as 4CIF, different manufacturers apply different pixel x pixel but it is usually 16 pixels wider than 4CIF which is un-noticeable to the naked eye.

  • Bit Rate: Recommended Bit rates (higher motion requires higher bit rates)
    • CIF: 4fps: 160–320 kbps ~ 8fps: 224–448 kbps ~ 16fps: 320–640 kbps ~ 20fps: 384–768 kbps ~ 30fps: 448–896 kbps
    • DCIF: 4fps: 192-384 kbps ~ 8fps: 256-512 kbps ~ 16fps: 384-768 kbps ~ 20fps: 448–896 kbps ~ 30fps: 512-1024 kbps
    • 4CIF: 4fps: 320–640 kbps ~ 8fps: 512-1024 kbps ~ 16fps: 640-1280 kbps ~ 20fps: 896-1792 kbps ~ 30 fps: 1024-2048 kbps

  • The higher the resolution the larger the file size, the higher the resolution the clearer the image, just like a digital camera.
    DCIF (528 x 320), will give the best video quality in a Embedded DVR with 16 channels, we are currently working on providing 4CIF with DVD quality.

    Compression is a separate setting and in our hardware is independent of the resolution and frame rate setting. The three settings must be set with each of the other two settings in mind. Too much compression will result in a poor image, too low a frame rate setting will result in lots of missed action and too low a resolution will not deliver the image quality you desire.

  • Click here for our H.264 HDD Calculation Tutorial
  • Click hereto find the ideal settings with our H.264 HDD calculator

  • Bear in mind that if there is a PTZ or high motion, higher bit rates (lower compression) should be set.

    Further on the HDD space

    HDD space required is directly fixed to the bit rate and only the bit rate. Bit rate should be determined by the fps, resolution and image quality desired. We can set any bit rate 32kbps-2048kbps with any fps or resolution. The bit rate chosen with a given fps and resolution will dictate the image quality. So you see bit rate is what controls the HDD space needed, but we need to select a bit rate that will give the image quality desired at the programmed fps and resolution.

    For example you can set 4CIF, 30fps, 32kbps – useless video
    4CIF, 30fps 2048fps – best video

    The bit rate selection is what affects the image quality and the HDD space, the fps and resolution do not come into play on the actual calculation, but they are used to determine the bit rate required.

    So not factoring fps, resolution or image quality the h.264 system HDD space per hour per channel ranges from 14.4MB to 921MB. Obviously the higher the bit rate the better the image quality. The higher the resolution and fps the higher the bit rate needs to be to get the desired image quality.

    32kbps at CIF 1/16th fps is good quality, moving the fps up means moving the bit rate up. More motion needs more bit rate.

    Most people will be happy with settings between CIF 6 fps-96kbps to 20 fps-320 kbps on fixed cameras, with PTZ higher bit rates are needed.

    Contact us at 1.403.668.4758 or E-mail us for a live demo to show the difference our systems make.

  • Q. How much HDD space does the Audio take up in the recording?
  • A. 1 or 2% of the file size. Please note there is 2 way audio only, 1 mic, 1 speaker. Connection type: BNC In / Out

  • Q. What is your HDD warranty?
  • A. We offer a 5 year warranty on our HDDs, we supply 1 year warranty with RMA, and the remaining 4 years the HDD manufacturer takes care of you. Other companies usually only give you 30 day warranty total.

  • Q. What is the Difference between SCSI and iSCSI?
  • A. iSCSI is just software in the DVR/NVR and the hardware is external and connected via the network (LAN network), iSCSI is just software

  • Q. How do I make my Professional Pedestal/Rack mount into a Rack mount?
  • A. Click here for the MEDIUS side rail installation PDF

    WECU is the difference quality and service make!

    Call us for a customized system and Pricing!

    These systems are custom made and do not use off the shelf components.
    A 1-4 week lead time is required and is dependent on components in stock at time of order.
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