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16 Channel BNC DVR Surge Protection Panel fits standard 19" rack cabinet

16 Channel BNC DVR Surge Protection Panel fits standard 19" rack cabinet

16 Channel BNC DVR Surge Protection Panel fits standard 19" rack cabinet
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The DVRPTR16 is designed to provide 16 channels of multi-stage surge protection. It is cost-effective and ideally suited for protecting multi-input video devices such as a DVR, multiplexer or matrix system. The DVRPTR16 is rack mountable in a standard 19" rack. It installs in minutes and provides a single easy access point for grounding. It uses 2.8 volt solid state clamping for unmatched protection.

  • Provides 16 channels of surge protection
  • unique Multi-stage protection clamps to 2.8 volts
  • Fits standard 19" rack cabinets
  • 16 Protected Inputs
  • Single RU Construction
  • Insertion loss <0.2db
  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Specifications
  • Size: 1RU
  • Connection Method: Standard Female BNC connectors (16 In - 16 Out)
  • Clamping Voltage 2.8v
  • Insertion Loss <0.2dB
  • Impedance 50 and 75 ohms
  • Temperature -40C to +85C
  • Frequency DC to 10 MHz

  • DVRPTR16 16 Channel BNC DVR Surge Protection Panel fits standard 19


    The DVRPTR16 must be properly installed to insure maximum protection. The function of the DVRPTR16 is to allow a surge to be routed to ground and to clamp the protected equipment video inputs to a minimum voltage. There are three key points to remember when installing the DVRPTR16.

    • First provide a low impedance connection between the DVRPTR16 and your protected equipment. This is best done by keeping the PROTECTED coax cable connections as short as possible, ideally less then 3 feet, and using a coax with a good braid.

    • Second the system should use a single ground point. Connect the grounding stud of the DVRPTR16 to a single ground point. A single ground point is a proper building ground to which equipment grounds are connected. Ideally the protected equipment should be isolated form ground. If the DVRPTR16 and the protected equipment are both grounded you will provide a parallel path to ground and a portion of the surge current can flow though that path. Additionally, AC power line protectors should be used to complete your surge protection strategy.

    • Finally, the UNPROTECTED cables should not be crossed with the PROTECTED cables. Crossing cables could provide a path for surge currents to bypass the DVRPTR16 protection circuits.

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