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1 CCTV Battery PacksCCTV Battery Packs are used for temporary covert installations where long term power supply is not available, they simply plug into the camera and into either a wireless device or a small compact pocket DVR to record the images the capture. Not meant for long term use and are easily charged with their included charger from any 110V wall plug.
2 CCTV Converters / Terminal connectorsCCTV converters are used when adding a camera of a different voltage to and existing CCTV camera system, the most common is converting a 12VDC camera to a 24VAC system. Terminal connectors allow you to connect multiple cameras to a power supply without purchasing a large power supply box. The terminal connector strips are used when there are very few low voltage cameras needing power supply. A large power supply is connected to them main terminals and the cameras are connected to the remainder.
3 CCTV Central Power Supply BoxesCCTV Central Power Supply Boxes supply power to multiple CCTV cameras at the same time. They are usually fuesed or have small breakers similar to your homes electrical panel, in case of a overload the fuse will pop or the breaker will trip stopping damage to the rest of the system. If you have several IR cameras it is recommended to use 2 central CCTV power supply boxes or use a higher end CCTV power supply box to power all the cameras as IR cameras draw more power with the IR's on.
4 Standard CCTV Power SuppliesStandard CCTV power supplies are used to power CCTV cameras, they are different from the ones you get at your local electronics store as they are " Regulated ", which means they monitor the amount of power the CCTV camera is using and gives it more or less depending on the cameras demands, example IR lights coming on at dusk. If you do not use " Regulated " CCTV power supplies you run the risk of burning out your camera(s) and voiding your warranty.
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