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At WECU Surveillance.com, we’re setting the pace and raising the bar with a remarkable portfolio of capabilities, technologies and products. Covering every aspect of our planet and beyond, we deliver unparalleled CCTV systems, CCTV products and overall CCTV solutions, backed by the World’s most Visionary and Friendly team of Designers and Engineers. One Team, One Vision!

Our vision is to be the world leader in Innovation, Design and Supply, a Trusted Provider of CCTV systems, CCTV technologies and CCTV Solution's that ensures the security and freedom of our nation.

WECU Surveillance.com intends to be our customers’ provider of choice, with a solid foundation, firm belief and high morals we move forward with future solutions in mind taking the overall concept of security to the next level, we receive a high level of satisfaction from taking a project from the concept to completion.

Our diverse capabilities are making us a world leader in CCTV Solutions and technology. Our balanced portfolio is aligned in, but not limited to, these areas:
  • Alternate Energy Powered Lighting
  • Hybrid Solar / Wind / Generator CCTV Surveillance Solutions with dynamic functionality
  • Exotic Engineered Ground-up Enterprise CCTV Solutions with ROHS certified equipment
  • Advanced Video Detection systems - ADAT / IVS
  • System sustainment, logistics support and training
  • Enterprise H.265 Video Compression Software Solutions with Custom Development
  • A Solutions Overview:
    • Digital Video
    • Access Control
    • Communications
    • Power Systems
    • Super Structures
  • And Much more....
Our solutions routinely include:
  1. Off-grid alternative energy powered security apparatus.
  2. PC based or embedded NVR servers
  3. Next Generation H.265 leading compression codecs
  4. Virtual Matrix video display wall
  5. Digital and Mega-Pixel closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance.
  6. Infrared Illumination – LED and Laser from 2 meters to 3000 meters
  7. Zoom cameras from 1.8 mm to 2000 mm
  8. Video Analytics applied to one, several or all cameras in the solution
  9. Multi-technology Access Control Systems.
  10. Engineered Towers from 6 feet to 300 feet
  11. Wired or Wireless non-video analytic perimeter detection.
  12. Wireless communications integration, i.e. radio, cellular, satellite.
  13. Mobile Video with or without GPS tracking.
  14. GPS tracking
We believe our abilities are aligned with the current and future growing needs of all our clients including evolving security priorities with improved intelligence and precision video. These abilities also address homeland security and large-scale protection systems that enhance city, county and state government services.

We will work with you as much or as little as you require to Customize a Solution based upon, the application, your needs, wants, and budget!

We are defining future CCTV solutions with Green technologies.

Tomorrow's first responders will use our advanced H.265 video solutions to get critical data fast. Our video solutions will bring to light evidence that was once concealed and will be able to operate far from Earth and will help unlock secrets of Universes.

We are the Cornerstone of all CCTV Video Surveillance Solutions on a planetary basis!
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