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1 PC Based H.265 CCTV NVR ServersOne size does not fit all!  We have developed a line of systems to suite a range of client needs. All our H.265 (HEVC) systems run on Windows OS and support implementation as Server or Server and NVR Client systems in desktop or high capacity Rack mount RAID level protection for critical data protection keeping you in compliance and within regulations. Four (4) CPU models are available depending on the customers Situation Analytic processing requirements.
2 H.265 Mobile NVRsMeeting the demand of next generation products our Rugeddized H.265 (NVR) Network Video Recorders are being used in a wide variety of applications, from Land Vehicles and Aviation to Deep sea exploration. Loaded with our Surlytics Software allows our Rugged NVRs to be deployed in a wide variety of markets to meeting the highest demands of our clients around the world.

Preparing for H.265 (HEVC), the next generation video codec!

H.265 also referred to as HEVC is the next generation state-of-the-art in video compression. It allows the usage of advanced and extremely complex video compression tools to remarkable coding performance.

While H.265 isn't mainstream yet but because of its huge gains in compression efficiency it certainly is the buzz and is in position to overtake its forefather H.264, the foundation of most online video.

So how does H.265 (HEVC) compare to its predecessor H.264?

H.264 Explained:

H.264 has been pretty much the standard since its arrival in 2003, using higher compression and smaller file sizes, H.264 reduced Bandwidth with its ability to compress video 40-60% more than older compression technologies such as Mjpeg and MPEG4. Resulting in higher video quality, dual streaming capabilities and lowering costs on video storage.

H.265 (HEVC) Explained:

In short H.265 (HEVC) can achieve more than 50% Bitrate reductions compared to H.264 for the same image quality.  H.265 video surveillance products can also save 50% more network bandwidth and video storage capacity, greatly reducing the storage, bandwidth and operating costs.

Choosing the right NVR for your application!?

WECU can help you from start to finish in choosing the right H.265 NVR for your application based on your needs, wants and project requirements. For most high end projects you will be using PC based NVRs, whether they are desktop models, mini units, rack mount servers or ruggedized mobile NVRs due to their interoperability and multi function Video Management software platform, they will provide the cornerstone foundation for today's most demanding applications and many others for years to come.

Please feel free to give us a call at 1.403.668.4758, we can help with any size of project!

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