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TEST DRIVE our Next Gen. H.264 video Technology!
TEST DRIVE our Next Gen. H.264 video Technology!

To prove to you we have the highest video quality available, we provide this online demo, you may manipulate the DVR to check out the settings, change frame rates, download video, record video, search and view live video.

Please alter your security settings to allow for Newocx Active X installation. If you are unsure on how to do this, please click here for the Active X installation pdf. Please remember to return your security settings to the way they were or set them back to default settings (for most users).

If you wish to remove the Newocx Active X control, please do the following:

Open an IE browser go to .. Tools >> Manage Add-ons >> Enable or Disable Add-ons, select the "Newocx Control" and delete.

The demo is of a 4 channel encoder, there are live cameras for you to view and manipulate.

Please contact us for a live demo, we will provide the information required to download the Newocx Active X, then enter the Username: demo and the password: 1234

This is what you should see, if not please adjust your security settings.

H.264 Web Client User Interface
(This interface is the same on all our H.264 IE GUIs)

Easy to use, please download our short Web Client Users Manual here
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