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1 Infra Red Bullet CCTV CamerasInfra Red Bullet CCTV Cameras allow you both day and night viewing. Color by day and Black and white at night. They are controlled by a sensor which switches the day to night at around .1 lux. Infra Red Bullet CCTV Cameras that come with a varifocal lens will allow you to set and re-set your FOV - Filed of view as required. An excellent choice to any night viewing CCTV surveillace requirements.
2 Infra Red Dome CCTV CamerasInfra Red Dome CCTV Cameras offer the capability of viewing day and night but not only that they are usually armored making them vandal proof. These cameras are used in areas where the possibility of the camera being damaged and makes a good choice for this type of application. Some come with fixed lenses and others with Varifocal Auto Iris lenses allowing you to adjust the FOV - Field of View like you would on a regular 35mm camera.
3 Infra Red CCTV IlluminatorsInfra Red CCTV Illuminators are used when there is no ambient / other lighting available for the camera to produce a usable picture. Infra Red CCTV Illuminators are mainly 850 nm (nano meter) which is not visible to the human eye but the camera picks up the lighting and makes dark areas look like day, although the Infra Red CCTV Illuminators do not produce a visable light the LEDs will glow red which is visable to the human eye, the next step up is 950nm which is not visable even at the LEDs.
Infrared Camera (night vision camera)

Our infrared camera utilizes a Sony CCD Chip sensor giving excellent picture quality. These infrared cameras / night vision camera ranges from color, fixed lens or Varifocal, its great for both daytime and night time vision, giving video images even in pitch dark atmosphere. The CCTV infrared cameras / CCTV night vision camera vary in styles from dome, bullet, professional and bazooka which can project up to 100 feet IR projection. Great for both Business and Home surveillance.

Where can they be used?

Infrared Cameras are used for home surveillance, major retail stores, hotels, office type businesses. They can be used just about anywhere you need to view images in the dark. They can be used indoor or outdoor see specifications for each camera.

What type of power source do they use?

Most of these surveillance camera are 12v DC 500MA minimum power source with BNC Video Connection. You can also use conventional VCR / DVR or a TV by purchasing BNC/RCA connectors to use the RCA Connection as well. These are basically Plug-N-Play items.

How does IR work?

The human eye can see in the visible light portion of the spectrum chart (below). Above visible light is infrared (IR). The CCD or CMOS device inside your security camera can detect IR light and use it to help illuminate the area viewed.

Below are cameras that emit IR so that the area in front of the camera can be seen in total darkness. ONLY black and white (B/W) cameras are affected by IR illumination. Color cameras will detect IR to a much lesser degree. Take your TV remote and press a button while pointing it at your camera for a simple demonstration of how a CCTV camera can see IR.

Light Spectrum Chart

See at night with an infrared camera offering home and office protection

You need video surveillance. But you need it at night, in low light areas, and you're afraid of investing in a product that will not give you the returns you desire. The answer to this problem is an infrared camera. An infrared camera is an ideal product for anyone needs to capture images in the dark for work or pleasure.

An infrared camera uses infrared light instead of the regular lighting spectrum in order to produce better images in complete darkness or low light conditions. Night vision cameras are usually black and white, but with the expanding technology IR capable Day / Night Cameras are no available.

Infrared options

A regular camera can become an infrared camera with the use of infrared illuminators. The illuminator lights the area under surveillance with infrared light so that that your regular camera can record black and white images with the use of infrared radiation, which the naked eye cannot see.

Do not confuse an infrared camera with a day/night camera. Day/night cameras can record in low light, but not in zero light and do not use infrared lighting.

Infrared cameras are also available in a CCTV camera system. You may already be considering a closed circuit television security system because of its superior security options, as it constantly monitors and records activity. Consider a CCTV infrared camera in order to get a high level of night time security, the time when it matters most.

The complexity of your infrared camera system is entirely up to you. An infrared camera can grow with your needs, becoming more elaborate as the situation demands. The cameras are often lightweight and easy in both use and set up.

See it to believe it!

In order to fully understand the clear images that can be produced in complete darkness, you have to see it. Most manufacturers have examples the kind of recordings you can view on their websites. Take a few minutes today to browse through these websites to get a fuller grasp on imaging from infrared cameras.
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