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1 PC Based Hybrid H.264 CCTV DVR/NVR ServersPC Based Hybrid H.264 CCTV DVR/NVR Servers are a dream, they operate on Windows XP Professional and can connect 64 ch of analog video and up to 32 ch of our H.264 IP video, for a total of 64 channels in one server!, they have a lot of functionality to them and are a real powerhouse when it comes to CCTV surveillance security systems. They use only the latest high quality components and are specifically built for being used as a DVR. Our H.264 Hybrid DVRs are built for the 21st century.
2 H.264 Mobile DVRsH.264 Mobile DVRs are used for a professional installation. Mobile surveillance systems these days are on the rise due to the crime that has taken to the street, these Mobile (DVR) Digital video Recorders are making waves in the Law enforcement, private investigation and now public transit. Providing excellent picture quality and allowing the users more features and search capabilities. Expect to see these units in almost every vehicle in the near future, just like OnStar.
Experience the power of H.264 Technology

H.264 is the latest technology in video codec standard s that far surpasses earlier standards such as MPEG4, MPEG2, MJPEG and Wavelet. WECU's h.264 features: superior video quality, advanced compression resulting in significant data rate savings; a network abstraction layer designed for efficient transmission of data; and presets for a wide variety of applications from video surveillance to IP telephony and HD broadcasting.

Ultra low cost products from competitors may give more than you bargained for. There were reports of slow video speeds, blurry images, poor playback features, insufficient data storage, frequent system crashes and hardware failure from competitors offering ultra low cost products.

Some competitors have used false and misleading claims indicating their products were high speed, when in fact they were not. Competitors also enjoy labelling economy products as professional.

We sell only professional grade DVR equipment for those who expect performance and Long term rock solid reliability from their security system.

It Alert!!
80% of all IT directors buy more storage as a Quick Fix - Ready for a Long-Term solution??
Start with the storage requirement built in!!

Our Medius series h.264 compression CCTV surveillance systems save 40 - 60 % more HDD space, allow for smaller data packets saving valuable bandwidth and a NON-Comparable Internal capability of 16 (TB) Terra Bytes of HDD storage with optional external RAID storage available.

Do you want to go Faster?

While you might find other H.264 systems on the market you'll find that they are limited at CIF Resolution (352x240 in NTSC / 352x288 in PAL), where as our high quality H.264 systems offer CIF, 2CIF, 4CIF (D1) and DCIF resolutions which can be adjusted on a per camera (channel) basis from recording rates of 1/16th - 30 fps and synchronized MP3 quality audio recording on every channel in Variable or Fixed bit rates.

We have a professional H.264 DVR to suit your High Demanding Security Solution

The Alpha Male Our Medius series H.264 compression DVRs dominate the competition!

Need A server?
We can build any configuration you can think of!

E-mail us with your specifications and we will get back to you with a quote.

H.264 DVR or NVR Server
(DVR) Digital video Recorder and (NVR) Network Video Recorder servers -- getting the best security out of digital technology

Stand Alone, PC based and Rack Mount H.264 Servers to meet any demanding application with any size external RAID configuration you can dream of!

Our PC based DVRs and Embedded IP Encoders use only High Quality H.264 boards offering more compression and saving 40-60% more HDD space than other leading competitors. Digital Video Servers are available with up to 64 channels of Synchronized Audio and Video. Each 64 channel server can internally support 8000GB, and externally support 330,000GB. Raid configurations are available. Built In web servers and Remote Client software; 3 Year Warranty with Lifetime Upgrades on PC based Units with optional onsite technical support, and 1 year repair or replace warranty on the NVRs.

Our Medius series Digital Video Recorders are a remote video web camera server that provides exceptional streamed video images through the Internet, Intranet, a desktop PC, workstation, laptop or PDA. All that is needed is an Internet browser or our proprietary software.

Features and Benefits:

  • High Performance H.264 Cost-Effective Design
  • Client Application Control via Standard Web Browser or Internet Explorer
  • Built-In Web Server for Internet Browsing
  • Plug-n-Play Installation
  • Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Controls
  • Separate or Simultaneous Viewing of all cameras up to 64 per page
  • Multiple user passwords providing log-in security
  • Real-Time Video Transmission
  • Time Stamp Setting on Camera
  • Camera Location Identifiers
  • Easy System Configuration through IE
  • Remote Player similar to Windows Media player, but much more functional
  • Video Optimization via Hue, Contrast, Saturation, and Brightness Controls
  • Concert Client NVR Software platform accommodates an unlimited number of cameras and servers over multiple networks, a true Enterprise Solution Software that our competition can not touch!
  • And much much more...
Our Hybrid DVR / NVR servers offer up to 48 channel analog and 16 channels IP or 64 channels all analog / IP camera inputs, giving you the flexibility to implement whatever camera system suits you best. Other great benefits and features include:
  • Remote access at all times
  • Better pausing for still images
  • Improved storage with H.264 Technology, especially over long periods of time
  • Easy installation
  • Clear image copying
  • Long recording times
  • Internal web server
  • Hard drive for storage
Our DVR server is a great new innovation in the world of closed circuit television surveillance. Digital video recording is becoming widely popular because it gives you so much freedom in recording. With the latest video server technology, our PENTAPLEX operation now lets you view live and archived footage while searching, archiving, and downloading footage all at the same time without compromising quality or stability, bandwidth will be the weekest link, but with technology expanding like it is, it willbe easier and faster as time progress's.

Installing our H.264 DVR/NVR Hybrid servers allows you to save space and time. Other recording servers require several different pieces of equipment in order to get the results you will get from one single of our DVR/NVR Hybrid server. This combination device replaces the time-lapse VCRs, the multiplexer that allows multiple signal inputs and the video server necessary for remote surveillance. That sounds like a lot of complex equipment, doesn't it? Imagine getting all of that in one slim, powerful, easy to use comprehensive unit.

Fortifying your security system with our servers isn't just improving the technology behind your security. It's giving yourself the peace of mind of knowing that should anything happen to your business; you have the utmost capability to identify any perpetrators. You can make as many copies of the recordings you need without losing the image quality.

Video and audio can be exported to compatible USB ports as well. Sharing information is never a problem with our specialized H.264 DVR/NVR devices.

Don't hesitate to discover which video server is best for you. You deserve the most up-to-date security available. Think about the confidence you'd have knowing that your DVR/NVR can answer any question marks for your business.

Take a moment to browse through our Professional, High Quality, Reliable H.264 NVRs / DVRs today!
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