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Public opinion surveys show consistently that people feel safer with CCTV than without it. That’s not a view shared by criminals of course, which accounts for the rising number of attacks on CCTV system themselves.

Our Vandal Resistant range has been designed in order to combat this potential problem in areas where cameras are subject to such attack, or even harsh environments which may damage conventional cameras. The protection comes from the camera housings which are manufactured from tough polycarbonate materials able to withstand blows from items such as club hammers, scaffolding poles and baseball bats.

All housings within the vandal resistant range come with a smoked glass bubble, through which the camera operates. This is very useful, particularly in the dome versions, as onlookers cannot easily see which way the camera is pointing, thus acting as a further deterrent.

The main point in using a vandal resistant camera is to capture images no matter what is happening around the unit. You will find that our range of vandal resistant cameras meet such a challenge very effectively.

There are many applications for vandal resistant domes such as: Railway Stations, prisons, shopping centers, car parks, stair wells, schools, lifts.

However, a good rule of thumb is to consider using one wherever a camera will be located where tampering can occur, or attack from vandals may be a threat.

Due to their success as a deterrent against shoplifting, the use of fixed domes in retail environments has expanded dramatically. As a result of their increasing popularity, they are now used in a broad spectrum of internal surveillance applications. From banks to night clubs, apartment lobbies to car park entrances, the use of fixed domes continues to spread into wider commercial and industrial sectors.
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