Custom H.265 Wireless Solar Powered CCTV Surveillance Cameras - Let your imagination run WILD
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Wireless Solar Powered Surveillance CCTV Cameras

Custom Wireless Solar Powered Surveillance CCTV CamerasWireless Solar Powered Surveillance Cameras
Let your imagination run WILD

Bringing you the most cutting edge Solar Technology together with H.264 Next Gen Technology into a high powered, sophisticated Wireless Solar Powered camera solution not available anywhere else on the market today.

WECU and our award winning Design and Solution based Video and Access Control Engineers can design any type of system you require from the mundane to the exotic we can create a solution for you.

The capabilities and configurations are numerous so we will need to refine the solution based on your requirements, budgets and equipment required.

Listed below Are some Variations and Capabilities we can offer you.

The Green Power Side of life:

Providing the correct power at the correct time is very important, having the system designed correctly so the solution operates year in and year out... Priceless!

We have 3 options listed below that will be able to provide the correct power at the right time each one of them can be incorporated together.
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Generator
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Grid Tie UPS
Custom Outdoor and remote solutions can consists of:

Solar units
  • Top of Pole Mount
  • Side Pole Mount
  • Ground Mount
  • Any type and focal length required
  • Ranges from 1.9 super wide angle to 2000 mm zoom lens capable of identifying someone from 4 miles away.
  • Example: 2000mm motorized zoom lens
    • FOV @ 4 miles: 52.3' wide x 39.4' high
    • FOV @ 10 miles: 123' wide x 92' high
  • Any Fixed Stationary cameras fitted with quality lens options
  • Super HAD
  • Super ExView
  • Wide Dynamic
  • Megapixel H.264
  • IP H.264
  • Thermal Imaging cameras - variable of options
  • PTZ cameras with 18x, 26x, and 36x zoom and 12x optical
  • IR PTZ cameras capable of projecting IR up to 100m or 300ft - 26x and 36x zoom
  • Wireless Solutions up to 50 miles
  • Data Transfer Rates up to 100 MBps - system specific
  • Wi-max
  • Cellular
  • Satellite
Pan-Tilt Positioners
  • Loads with fine adjustment and up to 500lb weight loads
  • All temperature ranges
  • IP68 Environmental rating
  • Nitrogen charged / filled stainless steel enclosures
  • Bullet Proof enclosures - these will require specific attention and are special order
  • Ranging from 10' - 180' self supporting towers without guy-wires
  • Wind Loads of up to 90 MPH winds
Mobile Solar Solutions
  • We can mount all the necessary wireless Solar Powered Surveillance equipment you need onto a ruggedized trailer with pneumatic / hydraulic masts for quick deployment
  • Units can be pulled with a truck to the destination required and can be 1 or 2 man setup scenarios. Ruggedized mobile units can have any type or series of sensors / relays alerting you to what is happening around the unit, with many more options and possibilities
IR Illuminators - Non-Solar
  • IR distance ranging from 0ft ~ 2000 meters (low watt units)
The Back End Solution:

Here is where not too many people put much thought, sure we got cameras and signals everywhere, but what is controlling them, recording them, redirecting them and who's watching them.

This area is just as important if not more important than setting the Wireless Solar Powered Surveillance Camera up and tossing a signal out there. Site surveys, Signal analysis and Solar Rating testing MUST be completed as one, to ensure the equipment to be used is correct for your solution. Different areas may require different radio(s), larger / smaller solar panels for correct operation.

Do you have the infrastructure in place capable of handling the bandwidth required for Video / Data / 2 way voice operation?

We can perform Site Surveys and Signal Analysis for you project, some conditions apply (NON-Hostile areas only, etc...), these are paid services but necessary for large scale systems consisting of thousands of cameras in City / Country wide Wireless Solar Powered Surveillance systems prior to purchase so you can be assured your system will work correctly.

Back-end Recording Capabilities:
  • Unlimited recording capabilities
  • The capability to provide HD video and synchronized MP3 quality Audio on every channel
  • The same High-End quality video codec like HDTV used in Casinos
  • Any size of Rack / RAID solution you could possible think of
  • Up to 5 Mega Pixel Video
  • Video Access:
    • Internet
    • Intranet
    • Cellular
    • 3G / 4G
    • Satellite
    • World Wide Access with PDA / Tablet PC

****Got a BIG project and need a Complete Solution?****

Do you have large projects such as Oil Fields / wells / pumps / heads in remote areas or City, Country, Nation Wide project that needs an Enterprise Solution?

**** Big or small we can customize any solution for you!****
Give us a call 1.877.843.3921 OR 1.403.668.4758

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