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Splitters allow you to display two cameras on one monitor. The same image can be recorded on one VCR. A single camera image is displayed on the full monitor screen. A smaller insert of a second camera is overlaid on the first image.
This can range from a small picture in a picture to an almost equal split of the monitor showing the two images either vertically, or, horizontally. Splitters have been around for a long time and are still used in selected applications, usually where economy is most important.


You get to see two camera images on one monitor. You can record the two images on one VCR. You save on cost of equipment and the space to house it.


The full camera images are not available for viewing as one image conceals the other. Some provide an elongated image, either two tall thin images, or, two short wide images, rather than the traditional image (ratio of 4 wide by 3 high).
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