Compression Style CCTV Connectors
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Compression Style CCTV Connectors are used when you want a weatherproof seal. Compression style CCTV connectors provide a high quality termination and provide years of trouble free service. Since CCTV connectors cause the main issues with attenuation in CCTV it is best practise to do the job correctly the first time and check each run after a connector has been installed to make sure you are getting good signals. Compression style CCTV connectors are the premium connector of choice.

Compression Style CCTV connectors are far supperior than standard crimp style connectors. F/BNC/RCA compression connectors assemble quickly and easily with common varieties of coaxial cable and grip with 360° high strength retention, resulting in more reliable and robust connections than solder or crimp connectors.

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Installing Compression Style Connectors to RG59/RG6 cabling
  1. Connectors are color coded for cable type. See chart below or manufacturer’s recommendation
  2. Strip cable to dimensions shown on chart. Remove cable jacket and dielectric
  3. Fold exposed braid back over cable jacket leaving smooth foil attached to dielectric
  4. For Quad Shield Cable: Fold outer braid back over jacket, remove outer foil and fold inner braid back over jacket
  5. Trim center conductor to proper length, see (A) dimension
  6. Insert cable into rear of connector. Insertion depth is shown, on chart. For F connectors, dielectric should be flush with support mandrel face.
SealSmart Depth Chart

SealSmart Compression Connector Installation

SealSmart Compression Connector Installation

Tips & Tricks
  • The key to a good crimp is proper cable & connector preparation
  • When crimping other mfg’s connectors, minor adjustments to the crimp height may needed. Simply adjust adapter up or down
  • Keep adapters secured in tool to prevent loss
  • Click here for the SealSmart Compression Tool Manual
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