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1 CCTV Cable and WireCCTV Cable and Wire are used in all applications of CCTV to connect CCTV cameras to the CCTV Digital Video Recorder. The CCTV Cable and Wire used will depend on the application.
2 CCTV ConnectorsCCTV connectors are used to terminate CCTV cables in a CCTV Surveillance camera installations. BNC are the most common and come in Twist on, 2 piece and 3 piece crimp style connectors and now in a more secure Compression style BNC connector for many years of trouble free weatherproof service.
3 CCTV Ground Loop IsolatorsA CCTV Ground Loop Isolators is a passive device which can reduce Ground Loop Interference with CCTV Video signals and can be easily installed in a new or add to existing systems. It’s useful where a Video signal is transmitted via cable between points with difference ground potentials.
4 CCTV Camera HousingsCCTV Camera Housings can be used for external and internal CCTV camera installations, but are generally used for exterior instalations of CCTV cameras to protect them from the elements.
5 CCTV Mounting BracketsCCTV Mounting Brackets are used for a wide variety of products such as CCTV Cameras, CCTV camera housing and CCTV monitors.
6 CCTV Power Supplies / Battery Packs / ConvertersCCTV Power supplies, Battery Packs and Converters are used in CCTV camera installations, they are used for hardwiring , mobile cameras, or to convert a 12VDC camera to a 24VAC power supply.
7 CCTV Surge ProtectorsContinuous operation of a CCTV security system is a key element in the protection of assets and providing safety. Some of the most unpredictable disruptions to the proper operation of a security system are lightning strikes and electrical surges. The currents produced by surges can be carried over any metallic conductor including plumbing and electrical wiring. Proper installation of surge protection is the best way to protect your CCTV system.
8 CCTV Twisted Pair Video BalunsThe function of a balun (acronym for BALanced/UNbalanced) is to change from one transmission medium with a defined impedance (ie. 75 ohms coaxial) to another transmission medium with a different impedance (ie. 120 ohms twisted pair - CAT5e).
9 CCTV Video Converters / Splitters / AmplifiersSplitters allow you to display two cameras on one monitor. The same image can be recorded on one VCR. A single camera image is displayed on the full monitor screen. A smaller insert of a second camera is overlaid on the first image. Converters take 1 type of connection and convert it into another type of connection, example: VGA to RCA. Amplifiers take the signal and amplify it, they are usually used when the cable run gets too long and the signal is not quite as clear a the receiving end.
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