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1 CCTV Bullet CamerasThe term Bullet Camera comes from its resemblance to a rifle bullet. Generally long and tapered like a cylinder, it looks like an oversized ammo cartridge. Most bullet cameras come with a fixed lens that allows a wide angle of view, some bullet cameras come with a Varifocal lens allowing you to zoom in or out and increase the FOV - Field of View.
2 Covert CCTV CamerasCovert cameras are generally used by Law enforcement and Private investigators as they have licenses to use the equipment. They can also be set up in an area where possible child abuse is taking palce, however you must consult local authorities on the use of adio recording, it is unlawful to record audio without the person(s) consent.
3 Dome CCTV CamerasDome CCTV Security Cameras provide a low profile design that hides the cameras position so the people being observed cannot tell which way the camera is pointing. Dome CCTV Security Cameras are mostly used when a vandal resistant camera is required, its tough polycarbonate shell can resist repeated blows from a hammer and not affect the camera.
4 Explosion Rated - Intrinsically Safe CCTV cameras
5 H.265 IP CCTV CamerasH.265 IP MEGA-PIXEL CCTV Cameras provide HI-resolution with DVD quality video and synchronized Audio with adjustable frame rates. IP MEGA-PIXEL cameras can be used in a wide variety of applications requiring high-end video an access to Main and Sub streams to utilize local bandwidth. Our IP MEGA-PIXEL cameras can be seamlessly integrated into our Concert Client NVR software and can be used independently or as part of a larger enterprise solution.
6 Infra Red CCTV Cameras / IlluminatorsInfra Red CCTV Cameras respond to light, however adequate light is not always possible. In those cases another source is needed to allow the camera to "see" in the dark. Infrared Illuminators are designed to light an area for the cameras without the need for artificial lights. This also helps in areas where covert surveillance is required, because the light waves are not in the visible range and cannot be seen by the naked eye.
7 License Plate CCTV CamerasLicense Plate CCTV Cameras are used when you need to capture license plates. They are different than regular cameras as they use light rejection technology, they are very specific and perform a single function. License Plate CCTV Cameras are not recommended for use as a regular camera, the IR is forced so during the day the video will be dark, during the night when they are most useful they image is completely black except when a license plate is viewed.
8 PIR CCTV CamerasPIR CCTV Cameras look just like motion detectors like you see in business offices in the corners, they are inconspicuous and can be mounted just about anywhere while blending in with the surroundings.
9 Professional CCTV Box CamerasProfessional CCTV Box Cameras come in all different types Day/Night , Color, black and white and some are really extreme, operating in light levels that you can't see you hand in front of your face, but most Professional CCTV Box Cameras are made for everyday use and are a mainstay for most CCTV surveillance installations. Remember to choose a lens that’s right for your application and your cameras.
10 PTZ CCTV Cameras / Controllers / Turning Devices / AccessoriesPTZ CCTV security cameras feature a motorized mount which allows the camera to be moved remotely up-down, left to right, allow you to zoom in and out and automatically focus on your target. PTZ's are very versatile and usually replace 2 or more cameras in an area. Although their costs are higher than regular camerass, they serve a great purpose which will suit your needs and be a integral part of your security solution. Further more... they are a lot of fun!
11 Super Wide Dynamic Range CCTV CamerasSuper Wide Dynamic Range CCTV Cameras have extra elements onthe proccessing chip that filter out back lighting (light behind a person or object), so the person or object is recognizable instead of a black silouette. They cost more than regular professional CCTV box cameras because of these added elements. Super Wide Dynamic Range CCTV Cameras are usually used in areas whre the camera is pointing towards windows and doors like at shopping malls and office buildings.
12 Wireless Solar Powered CCTV Surveillance CamerasWireless Solar Powered CCTV Surveillance Cameras are used when there is no power at the local site or it is a remote site miles away. Our Wireless Solar Powered CCTV Surveillance Cameras are very popular, we can provide a Complete Solution no matter how large your project is or becomes. Wireless Solar Powered CCTV Surveillance Cameras are excellent for monitoring remote Oil Well sites for Oil companies World Wide. Add Wireless Solar Powered CCTV Surveillance Cameras to your solution!
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