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CCTV  Applications and Industries

CCTV Applications and Industries


WECU Surveillance’s engineers and system designers have exceptional experience in the gaming industry. Our software engineers have designed one of the preeminent surveillance systems in the industry and have implemented in casinos from Las Vegas to the Caribbean. Almost all incidences of cheating, theft, fraud, or loss can be detected through the proper allocation of surveillance of critical transactions, audit observations and reviews of key metrics. WECU Surveillance can assist with the implantation of proven-techniques for detecting and mitigating the ever-evolving threats to Casino security. Our experts can assist with risk assessment, security plans, budgeting, staffing, training and surveillance and access control system design. We routinely collaborate to:
  1. Leverage all departments to contribute to security objectives and create a culture of customer focus and security awareness
  2. Outline how to make the security department a revenue-generating, cost-cutting, substantial contributor to the bottom line.
  3. Present the unique issues associated with various hotel and entertainment segments
  4. Offer advice to ensure fire, safety, health and other codes and regulations are understood and adhered to.
  5. Provide details on how to develop and implement response procedures for daily occurrences.
  6. A preeminent concern in the gaming industry when engaging a new provide is the fluidity of transition and legacy support for existing infrastructure.

WECU Surveillance is no stranger to these concerns. We are uniquely capable of integrating new capabilities within the scope of current operations and instituting a gradual and smooth transition reducing costs and minimizing deleterious effects on daily operations.

Why is WECU Surveillance different from your previous providers? The answer is simple, WECU Surveillance is not trying to sell you "our" product. WECU Surveillance routinely provides seamless integration with hundreds of manufactures' products. We do not limit you to a single solution, Allowing our clients the freedom to incorporate any technology which best suite the application. If you are tired of being perpetually tied to a legacy solution that doesn't support your current requirements or if you are frustrated with a manufacture that doesn’t' offer this or that functionality, the WECU Surveillance is the solution you've been waiting for! Working together, you decide the capabilities of your system ensuring that your security operations are continually augmented as new and desired capabilities become available. This approach ensures a state-of-the-art system which keeps pace with the security threats, instead of an aging system which is continually falling behind.

Our approach to our clients is to lay the foundation for a long-term partnership from day-one. Don't wait until your budget is available or even eminent' WECU Surveillance never charges for design or consultation and it is always better to approach such transition methodically and thoroughly. No need for hesitation, you will never receive hounding sales calls.

Hospitality tourism

We can assist executive management and operations personnel to streamline your security operations and develop an effective and efficient security profile; our experts have decades of experience in the Hospitality and Tourism security worldwide.

WECU Surveillance assists executive and operations level personnel, to address crisis management issues seeking workable solutions in order to mitigate the negative impacts of safety and security incidence providing mutli-dimensional analysis of both managerial strategies and tactics paired with integration of powerful technologies from both the functional and cost-benefit perspective. WECU Surveillance develops long=term supportive relationships regularly guiding our clients through:
  • Risk Assessment: Calculation of threat and vulnerabilities and probabilities to determine risk
  • Security Plan Development: Where and how to apply various layers of control to mitigate the risks
  • Budgeting: Analytically determined how much should be spent on security
  • Policies: How to document policies into a security manual, training manual, emergency procedures manual and incident action plan
  • Staffing: Scheduling, wages, deployment and contract security
  • Training: Frequency, level and techniques
  • Physical Security: Physical barriers and patrol procedures
  • Electronic Security: Alarms, Surveillance, Access Control and system integration
  • Emergencies: Procedures and response
  • Investigations: Interviews and crime analysis
  • Executive Skills: Proven leadership styles
Law enforcement

WECU Surveillance works with Law Enforcement on many levels and in many capacities. We provide many capabilities including Access Control, Surveillance, Tracking and data acquisition systems to support:
  • Body cameras
  • City-wide surveillance
  • Covert operations
  • Department & holding security
  • LPR (Fixed and mobile)
  • Mobile command operations
  • Prisoner transport
  • Traffic monitoring
  • UGV/UAV Systems
  • Wireless Communications
  • Military Equipment Provisioning
  • Armored Vehicles
  • Weapons & Ammunitions
  • Night Vision Devices, Etc...
All international services are subject to ITAR restrictions and U.S. State Department approval

Military and Government

Governments and militaries represent a unique breed of client with stringent functional and operational concerns. WECU Surveillance has been servicing the segment of the mission critical market since our inception. We employ ex-military individual in a multitude of capacities from the executive level to onsite support personnel. There is no job we take more seriously than protecting the men and women in uniform around the world.

In addition to our own prodigious capabilities, we regularly work with the largest and most creative defense contractors to create effective and efficient solutions to address the dynamic challenges faced by the armed forces.

Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industry presents a unique combination of requirements which must merge corporate security concerns, stringent governmental regulations and almost limitless liabilities; and while the functional and operation capabilities often mimic those found in the military arenas - they must be applied within the rather restrictive confines of the corporate budgets. WECU Surveillance works closely with our clients to identify procedures, protocol and technologies which can meet the operational needs within the context of clearly defined cost-benefit evaluations.

In addition to our own prodigious capabilities, we regularly work with the most creative technological partners to create effective and efficient solutions to address dynamic challenges faced by both the upstream and downstream petroleum industry.


Transportation administrators bear tremendous responsibility to both secure the safety of patrons and accomplish the task in a manner which is consistent, if not complimentary, to the normal course of business. While often perceived a s a diametrically opposed, WECU Surveillance assists our clients to implement the highest security standards and procedures while simultaneously maintaining the friendly and inviting atmosphere required by the various service industries which operate within the high-security environment.

Within in the transportation sector, WECU Surveillance services:
  • Airline Administrative & Maintenance Facilities
  • Airports - Local and International
  • Bus Terminals
  • Fixed Base Operator (FBO)Services
  • General Aviation Facilities
  • Helipads
  • Multi-modal Transport terminals
  • Parking Facilities
  • Rail Transport
  • Retail
  • Tourism Operations
  • Trucking Companies

Organizations engage in transportation services are expected to develop operational security strategies which include loss prevention, security policies, procedures and protocols, regular and contemporary training schedules, as well as interdiction and reactionary methodologies and practices.

Security remains a significant factors of transportation commerce and while many companies are eager to sell technology in an attempt to address mounting concerns, fundamentally addressing inefficiencies coupled with hard number assessment of security implementations are rarely performed. This oversight too often results in overly static and grossly expensive solutions incapable of scaling or pivoting to meet the dynamic threat environment and commonly unsustainable over the long term.

Our solutions regularly include:

CCTV Cameras
  • Imagers: standard, Mega-pixel High definition, Thermal
  • Housings: Professional, Armored PTZ, Hazardous Environment, Ballistic Resistant, Covert and Overt Housings
  • Lenses: Fixed and Zoom from Fish-eye to long range zoom
  • Illuminators: Halogen, LED, Fixed and Variable Beam Laser
  • Spectrums: White, Near-Infrared, Infrared
  • Analytics: Virtual Fence, Directional Travel, Facial Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Etc...
CCTV Recorders
  • Embedded Appliance, PC-Based, Server Based, Mobile
  • Stand-Alone Enterprise
Power Products
  • Generation: Fuel Efficient Generators, Wind Power, Solar Power, Combined power sources
  • Modification: Conditioners, Transformers, Rectifiers
  • Storage
    • Chargers
    • Batteries
    • UPS (on grid and off-grid)
Access Control
  • ID Technologies: UPC Card Mag-stripe, Proximity, Smart Card, Fingerprint, Handprint, Iris
  • Detection Technologies: Video, Virtual Fence, Fiber Optic, Seismic Analytic, Ground Radar, Sub-surface Sonar
  • Software: Platform Independent Enterprise Class
  • Integration: Video, Perimeter, RADAR, SONAR
Communications Integration & Management
  • Cellular, Satellite
  • Wireless Radio
  • Internet Protocol
  • Analog
GPS Tracking
  • Man, Vehicle mounted systems
  • Location Tracking, Speed Tracking, Course Deviation, Video Integration
  • Physical Security Information Management Solutions
Unmanned Remotely Operated Vehicles
  • Ground - Inanimate Threat Neutralization
  • Ground - Animate Threat Detection
  • Arial - Disaster Response
  • Arial - Maintenance
  • Arial - Security / Surveillance
All international services are subject to ITAR restrictions and U.S. State Department approval

When you call WECU Surveillance , you will be talking to people who love devising novel, efficient and cost effective solutions.

Email us today @ We are always eager to engage in a challenging project and feasibility and ROM discussions are always free!

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