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WECU Surveillance supplies only High quality cabling for your CCTV systems. We can get or anything your application needs from Standard, Plenum and Direct Burial and any types of connectors that you need to finish of the cable for your installation.

Always remember that a video signal is only 1volt in amplitude and is thus very vulnerable to external interference and losses in poor quality cables.

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1 Bulk RG59/6 Siamese CCTV Cable - Standard, Plenum rated and Direct Burial Coleman CableBulk RG59/6 Siamese CCTV Cable is pretty much the main stay of all CCTV installations, buying in bulk allows you to taylor each cable to your exact needs and it saves you money. Standard, Plenum rated and Direct Burial options available.
2 Bulk 18/2 - 16/2 Power CCTV cableBulk 18/2 - 16/2 Power CCTV cable allows you to provide power to remote cameras, the thicker the copper core of the cable the farther the the power will travel, see our handy Wire Gauge chart for a quick reference to how far you can run a cable, take the guess work out of it and provide good power to your CCTV cameras!
3 Bulk Communication CCTV Cable (Video/Power/Data)Bulk Communication CCTV Cable (Video/Power/Data) can send video, data and power to your security cameras. Video is sent over one pair of 24/2 (Video Balun May be Required), Data (for PTZ) is sent over the second pair of 24/2, and power is sent over the 16/2. By using this cable you will save time (money), and you will future proof all of your camera points to support future technology (such as IP cameras).
4 Bulk Cat5E CableCAT5E is an Ethernet cable standard defined by the Electronic Industries Association and Telecommunications Industry Association (commonly known as EIA/TIA). CAT5E is the 5th generation of twisted pair Ethernet cabling and the most popular of all twisted pair cables in use today.
Please see our Wire Guage Chart to help you determine the correct power supply and cable run.
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