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WECU Surveillance is fast becoming the first choice of professional CCTV installers and system integrators. WECU Surveillance has proven to be exceptionally reliable as well as cost effective. From cameras and lenses, to DVRs and monitors, WECU Surveillance has a complete selection of surveillance products to fit even the most challenging environments. Our expert engineers and technicians are highly trained in producing Astronomical systems from ground up CCTV systems to Integrated Technology working in complete harmony as a whole with one complete Hardware / Software solution.

Our company was formed to supply Professional security cameras and surveillance equipment and High End Solutions with cutting edge technology to Governments, business owners, commercial and retail clients worldwide.
We are continuing to add new products to keep up with such a demanding market, and an ever increasing need in the world to provide protection for families, homes, businesses and property.
Our Corporate office is Canada, our warehouses are in the USA and our manufacturers (ISO-9001) Certified, are in China and the USA.

Remember when technology had the ability to amaze you?
WECU Surveillance.com is bringing science fiction to life in the 21st century.
Believe again !


No Hack Jobs !!

All our technicians are trained directly by the manufacturer and only brand new, high quality, above industry standard parts are used, guaranteeing you the highest Quality & Service available, It just has to be right.... the first time !

  • Our Business / GST Number is: 83904 5275 RT0001
  • Our D & B (DUNs) # is 243139925


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Who are you willing to invest Your time with?

We would like to let you know right up front you are dealing with a real company!

Our Technical Support / Engineering Team have over 70 years combined experience in the security and CCTV field. Many of our Technical Support / Engineering Team files were and are installation specialists, cable installers, CCTV engineers, Electrical Engineers and Access Control Masters before joining our team. We all share the same Core Values and will strive to give you only the very best information and system design solutions.
WECU Surveillance is a well funded, debt free, privately owned company and customers may rely on long term stability for continuity of supply and support for years to come.

Our product lines consist of a full range of wireless and wired surveillance products including High end - GPS units for the Government and Military, Standard CCTV Cameras, Thermal imaging cameras, (Intrinsically Safe) Explosion Rated CCTV cameras, High-end IR illuminators, H.264 IP cameras and H.264 IP encoders with or without HDDs, WiMAX Radio Transmitters and Receivers, Wireless Solar powered CCTV surveillance cameras, Solar battery backup units, Solar lighting, Hybrid Green technologies, Next generation H.264 stand alone Embedded / Hybrid Mobile / Hybrid PC based DVRs and NVRs in single units or complete control room servers with any type of RAID configuration you need for Air, Land or Sea. No matter what application you have we can provide the equipment required in a well polished solution!

In addition we can provide a Complete solution to any and all of your needs, if you can imagine it, we can build it!

This site is updated monthly with new information and products, although there are some items which are not listed on our site due to the complexity of the solution required. Feel free to contact us if you do not see what your looking for!

The safety and security of our clients is important to us, we vow to supply the best products at the fairest prices.
Make WECU the Cornerstone and Starting point for all your CCTV security surveillance needs.

Visitor / client Opinions

Help us make your comments count! E-mail us to tell us what you think about our site, and how you think we could make it better. Your time is important to us, so is your opinion.
We don't offer cookie cutter systems, we offer custom systems built to your specifications, we believe each system is as individual as your needs, from the lens on the camera to the remote viewing/recording software.

It's really not "about us", it's about providing You with a Complete Professional Solution!

Below is a partial list of clients who have purchased security systems and/or security products/equipment from us and some who we presently enjoy a continuous business relationship.

  • Technology Systems Inc.
  • US Navy
  • Johnson Communications
  • JCS/Tel- Link
  • MS State University
  • Logista Solutions
  • Airwave Technologies
  • Express Security Group
  • Federal Credit Union
  • First Baptist Church
  • Security Systems Hawaii
  • Domani Security Systems
  • Thomson Group
  • C'est C Bon
  • Future Sound Audio/Vid
  • Wild Goose Casino
  • Kaiser Hospital
  • Starline Trucking
  • Thomson Terminals
  • Golf & Country Club
  • JP Creative
  • Kings Computers
  • Harrisonburg Police Dept.
  • Maxwell Security Systems
  • Nokomis Inc.
  • ATC International Inc.
  • Tri-Signal Integration
  • Varona Limited (Trinidad)
  • Carson City P.W. DEPT.
  • Metal Management Inc.
  • Sterling Casino Lines
  • Mokena ESDA
  • Genesis Automation Inc.
  • NUTECK Communications
  • Strategic Materials Inc.
  • Mono Shrimp Nets
  • Kalamazoo Surv. Systems
  • Norlight Telecom.
  • C-C-CO.com
  • A-Systems
  • Aviva Engineering
  • Santas Village
  • ADT
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Eagle Pointe Apartments
  • New Age Electronics
  • 5 Star Computer Service
  • Chicago Police Dept
  • NBC29
  • TSC Apparel
  • Cernium Corp.
  • Kinsale Tavern
  • A.C.S.I.
  • GIG Computers
  • Security USA
  • City of Denton
  • Tech4Nets
  • Detect-All Security
  • TYCO
  • Bass Enterprises
  • Hagemeyer
  • Bens Network Service
  • DART Container Corp.
  • 4H Plumbing
  • Delta Marine
  • Sikorsky Aerospace
  • Maass Flange Corp.
  • Ciancial Alarms
  • Camp Care RV
  • Advanced System Design
  • Country of Nigeria
  • GEM Inc.
  • Comtech Inc.
  • Master Detection Systems
  • Asgard Software Inc.
  • Moog
  • PSU Applied Research Lab
  • Mosaic Corp.
  • Storage Express
  • ICI Door Control
  • Aware Digital Inc.
  • Boehm-Madisen Lumber
  • Allegiant Security Inc.
  • F & L Electronics Inc.
  • PhotoMedex Inc.
  • Laser Devices Inc.
  • Carr Miller Capital
  • Ral Trading Corp.
  • Weyerhaeuser
  • Sparky Industries
  • K & K Inc.
  • TCS Video
  • SYNCRO Corp.
  • Navsim Services Inc.
  • HI-Tek Systems Inc.
  • Braun Northwest
  • Liberty Cruises
  • Great Bend Appliance
  • UT-Battelle
  • PRIME Controls
  • Sportvision
  • Challenge Electric
  • Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems
  • Subway
  • Martin-Bower
  • General Trade Corp
  • FAA
  • Graf Dental
  • Sprocket Jockies
  • Vision Gate 360 Imaging Inc.
  • Bohler Engineering
  • New Logic
  • Perryman Company
  • Image Sensing Systems Inc.
  • Comcast.com
  • Solgroup
  • Maney Aircraft Inc.
  • Paradise Self Storage
  • USA Police Force
  • Transportation Safety Technology
  • JMK Electric Co. LLC
  • Canon-europa.com
  • Octagon International
  • ERS Security Alarm
  • Nebraska National Guard
  • Tennessee National Guard
  • Hawaii National Guard
  • Oregon National Guard
  • Louisiana National Guard
  • Arkansas National Guard
  • Texas National Guard
  • Michigan National Guard
  • Mensiks Fleet Management
  • Stocker Concrete
  • Phoenix Auto Inc.
  • Whirlpool Corp.
  • Winston & Strawn
  • ESCO Communications Inc.
  • Cages By Design
  • Western Digital Video Corp.
  • Audio Video Design
  • Excellance Inc.
  • Tahlequah Lumber Company
  • Pc-Tier1
  • SJ Abbott and Associates
  • Beauty of Flowers
  • Cash Register Systems LLC.
  • ACC.org
  • Allwan Security (France)
  • Niantic Computer Tech Inc.
  • Smartwatch Security & Sound LLC
  • Strategic Allied Technologies Inc.
  • Home Design & Electronics
  • Mohave County Traffic Control
  • Tapanga Productions
  • RSH Protection
  • Initial Electronics
  • Your Security Guy
  • ABC Redi-Mix Co. Inc.
  • Group Health.org
  • Mobile DVRs
  • Guardian Security
  • Durez Corporation
  • The Falls Reception Hall
  • Parsonics
  • Vonteck Electronics
  • Toyota of Augusta
  • CC Security
  • NelComm Corp
  • Bright Night Industries
  • Alamo Hotel
  • Cirqué du Solé
  • DFAS
  • IAP
  • Quality Office Supply Inc.
  • Connections & CONF. Tech. Ltd.
  • MIJAC Alarm
  • MCPC.com
  • International Systems Integration Inc.
  • Petroleum Division of Oman
  • Fibertek Inc.
  • O'Briens Irish Pub
  • USA Marine Corps
  • C&K Industrial Services Inc.
  • IV&C Co.
  • SPS PHIN Labelers
  • CITC
  • AM Signal
  • Barton Consulting
  • Bill Cooper Associates
  • Copp Systems Integrator
  • Excel Systems Inc.
  • SMART Alabama LLC
  • Concordia LLC (UAE, Dubai)
  • Gulf Eagle Supply
  • Laser Devices Inc.
  • Stratus
  • Satellites Etc.
  • Phoenix Integrated Inc.
  • Keeneland Association
  • HH Tower Group LLC
  • Pacific Public Safety
  • Duration Technology Inc.
  • City of Austin Texas
  • J & Z Associates
  • Resorts International
  • Sunrise Event Center
  • International Matex Tank Terminals
  • Logos Technologies Inc.
  • Affordable Security Systems
  • Alberta Hospital Edmonton - Protective Services
  • LDV
  • Moutainside Technologies Inc.
  • Johnson Surveillance LLC
  • Badcock Furniture
  • Acadiana Security Plus
  • Cegertec WorleyParsons
  • On Time Warehousing
  • True Cut too
  • Western Business Equipment
  • A Going Concern Consulting
  • Forensics MT
  • Mayer Electric
  • BCI
  • BeCom Ltd. (Ireland)
  • Around Hawaii.com
  • Hotel Marjorie
  • Chippewa Aerospace
  • Band Stand Music
  • Mobilia Inc.
  • Plaza Trucks
  • Shadowlabs
  • I-O.com
  • United Business & Industry
  • Metrology Equipment Services LLC
  • Sheikh Brothers (Bangladesh)
  • Lemont Emergency Management
  • RKS Realty Inc.
  • Video Security Experts
  • Greystoke Industries LLC
  • Atlantic Systems Engineering, Inc.
  • MX Consulting Services Inc.
  • Hamlart Computer Systems
  • Adapticom Inc.
  • Naval Undersea Warfare Center
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center
  • Proworks, Inc.
  • Total Security Concepts
  • DBH Consulting
  • Telecel Teleiformatica LTDA (Brazil)
  • Curtis Security
  • National Ins. Property (Trinidad)
  • Spymasters CCTV and Surveillance
  • Hughes-Christensen
  • Custom AVD
  • Alaska Industrial Hardware
  • Argon ST
  • Hing Lung Co.
  • AJA Computers & Consulting
  • Dubliner LLC
  • Santa Sweets Inc.
  • Legal Service Bureau Inc.
  • Perfect Perspectives Aerial
  • PERDUE Farms
  • RST Tech
  • OneSource Communications
  • Defense R&D Canada
  • ABC Alarms Australia
  • Jimmy Rea Electronics Inc.
  • Security Systems Specialist
  • Schramm Inc
  • Lyon Communications Inc.
  • United Surveillance
  • L-3 Communications Titan Group
  • Belleville 1st Church of the Nazarene
  • Clear Evaluations
  • CFB
  • Michigan Lasercut
  • Dr IT Services
  • SBNA Inc.
  • Wunderlich-Malec
  • Bureau of Prisons
  • The J. Paul Getty Museum
  • Intellitech Communications Group
  • Moody Air Force Base
  • Edwards Airforce Base
  • Camelback Protection Systems
  • Bellagio Hotel
  • Open Systems Integrators
  • Department of Home Land Security
  • Vector Communications
  • Chesapeake Security Service Co.
  • Woodward Emergency Management
  • ComTec Systems Inc.
  • Workmens Circle Multicare Center
  • FE Moran Alarm & Monitoring Services
  • Israeli Defense Ministry
  • Audio Interiors
  • Liqui-Force Services (USA) Inc.
  • Arizona Public Service Co.
  • Kosakura
  • TW Telecom
  • Deleware County Sheriffs Office
  • Bexar County Constables Office
  • Interstate Cash Register Co. Inc.
  • Mission Technologies Inc.
  • ESCO Communications
  • Book Keeping Sevices
  • Imation
  • Citi Performing Arts Center - Wang Theater
  • Clear Communications
  • My Good News TV
  • Sanford Underground Science & Engineering Labs
  • Web Teknologie LLC
  • Kay Communications
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Community Colleges of Spokane
  • Advanced Integration Group
  • Wantek - Brazil
  • ATK
  • BH Defense
  • Nutty Jerrys
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Place to Store
  • Texas Medical Center
  • The GINN Group
  • Homedia Solutions LLC.
  • Esterline CMC Electronics - Canada
  • Oklahoma DOT
  • Oregon DOT
  • Gain Tech Solutions
  • Texas State University

These are just a few of our satisfied clients from around the Globe.

Thank you all for all your continued support.
Recently Viewed Items

Recently Viewed Items

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