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The most cost effective modular industrial indoor / outdoor electronics enclosure solution!

The versatility and expandability of the MOD-Box allows most outdoor projects to be accommodated by a combination of MOD-Boxes and modular accessories. The MOD-Box is uniquely able to provide a clean environment appropriate to accommodate today’s multitude of environmentally sensitive electronics.

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  • Exceptional engineering ensures year over year reliability.
  • A single box design:
    • Reduces design time up to 90%
    • Standardizes installation and integration reducing labor costs
    • Standardizes and reduces on-site and offsite spares
    • Guarantees reproducible excellence from job to job
  • Non-ferrous design dramatically increases lifespan reducing failures due to environmental deterioration
  • Mechanical design spaces door properly every time, minimizing the potential for over or under compressed seals over time
  • Inherently weather resistant design mitigates environmental incursion if weather seals become worn or damaged
  • Weather seals are removable and replaceable eliminating the need to replace the entire enclosure if damaged
  • Managed penetrations for all wiring eliminates the need for onsite drilling and cutting, reducing installation time and the potential for left-over debris, poor seals or enclosure damage
  • Easy Addition of enclosure space to legacy installations is fast and simple by mating additional Mod-Boxes, mitigating the need to completely redesign and re-install
  • Virtually any power solution can be accommodated by the MOD-Box including Grid, Solar, Wind and Generator – and combinations thereof, facilitating seamless integrations and reduced cost to design and implement outdoor UPS solutions
  • Virtually unlimited and expandable battery back-up for Mission Critical applications from 22Ah affords upgradability if power usage is underestimated or if system requirements are increased over time.

The MOD-Box is the most cost effective modular expandable indoor/outdoor electronics UPS enclosure solution!

  • Forced air ambient cooling options
  • Low temperature insulation
  • Ultra-Low temperature heating systems
  • Ultra-High temperature cooling systems
  • Multiple levels of filtration
  • Multiple input/output power solutions
  • Interior lighting
  • Interior 19" rack-mount
  • Slide-out backplane assembly
  • Intrusion detection
  • High security locking solutions
  • Weather station augmentation
  • Multiple mounting solutions
  • Custom finishes
  • Custom logos
  • Custom designed and fabricated backplanes
  • Integrated WiFi & Cellular backup
  • Lightning mitigation components & methodologies
  • Touch-up coating (aerosol)
  • Prewired and tested MOD-Box assemblies
  • 2D & 3D As-builts
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